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Pets at Home Plastic Plants?

All the live plants I have had over the last couple of months have died, so I am thinking about plastic plants and was wondering whether the ones in PAH would be suitable for a betta. I dont mean the really plastic looking ones but the plants that look natural or as close to natural as they can get. Have any of you had these plants in with a betta and if so have you experienced any damage to bettas tail because of them?

Thanks :-)


Just for the record all my bettas are in heated and filtered 8 gallon tanks.

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    i never heard of PAH or pets at home plastic plants. plastic plants work fine with any fish except cichlids, crayfish, or plant nipping fish. bettas are a great candidate for plastic plants due to the fact they are usually in small aquariums with unsuitable plant lighting or just no lighting what so ever. bettas are usually top tier fish so if you are buying a plastic plant be sure to buy a medium to small sized ones to avoid taking up to much room as you have little to no room to begin with. the reason why you couldn't keep live aquatic plants is because you probably dont have a aquarium light on your 1 gallon tank or just dont have efficient enough natural light, as you should know all plant life require direct for a specific amount of time during 1 day, plants are photosynthesizers meaning they require light and carbondioxide inorder to produce oxygen and glucose, without these necessities the plant will die. so in your ssituationi would go with plastic plants.

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    9 years ago

    I have had plants from PAH that are plastic type which were tall and looked like the real thing and they are quite expensive £5 to £6 just for one.

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