I don't know how to connect my fax.?

I have a IBM think pad and a HP all in one printer,scanner,and fax machine # 4215 but i need help in how to hook it up,,,HELP

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  • Joe M.
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    1 decade ago
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    Hello Mitchell:

    Your question, as phrased, is very general and rather vague. When asking for technical support, the people on the other end of the phone (or keyboard in this case) need more details to give you proper support.

    Are you having trouble physically hooking it up (i.e. attaching the cables and such)? Or do you already have it hooked up, but cannot get it to work?

    Did you obtain this HP All-in-one by "inheriting" it from someone, or did you buy it new from a brick-and-mortar store online?

    There's an old saying which holds very true: "When all else fails, read the instructions."

    If you purhcased this fax new--most things technical (like computers, printers and faxes) come with instructions that include diagrams which show you how to physically connect them. They also come with installation CDs which will install the drivers and other applications you need; so it will work properly with your Thinkpad.

    If your fax is pre-owned, and you don't have any diagrams, manuals or the driver CD... You can download these by looking-up your all-in-one online at the HP website: http://www.hp.com./

    Finally--you'll need the following, if they didn't come with your all-in-one. You'll need an RJ-45 or "ethernet" cord to attach the all-in-one to your Thinkpad. You'll also need an RJ-11 or "standard phone cord" to attach the all-in-one to the phone outlet (to fax).

    Hope this helps, and good luck.

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