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which middle for Alice?

Alice Magnolia

Alice Bluebell

Alice Marigold

Thanks !

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    Alice Magnolia :)

    A long, frilly, elegant name pairs really well with a shorter, more popular name like Alice. The flow is lovely.

    Alice Marigold is pretty too, although I prefer the -a ending of Magnolia. Bluebell seems trendier than the other two.

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    Alice Magnolia

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    What a coincidence! I have Alice Marigold on my extended list :) She was one of the first Alice combos I ever came up with. That being said, I'm obviously super biased here lol.

    To me, Alice Marigold is a light, summery, feminine combo and she makes me smile! Alice is just perfection for me; she's streamlined, feminine and light, with an interesting mix of whimsicality and simplicity. I think she'd age absolutely perfectly. Marigold complements her beautifully, with her more sunny, buoyant, cheerful feel, and her interesting classic feel. Essentially, I think she's fresh, feminine and elegant with a little bit of spunkiness in her.


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    Alice Marigold is lovely. Magnolia & Bluebell both sound silly to me, sorry.

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    10 years ago

    Alice Magnolia is stunning :) I adore the name Alice, and, contrary to the people that think "TWILIGHT!", I think "WONDERLAND!", which gives me warm, happy feelings♥ Alice Marigold would be my second choice, it is absolutely gorgeous, as well.

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    10 years ago

    Alic Magnolia is godd

  • 10 years ago

    alice magnolia

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