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ladies, home cook meal or dine out? What do you prefer?



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    Depends on my mood, but dining out is nice because someone else prepares it and cleans up after it...I don't mind cooking sometimes, but I don't get any real pleasure from it (I just cook to keep from starving, because I enjoy eating)...

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    Home cook meal, I'm more of a casual kind of girl.

    Don't like dining out really cause I'm a waitress so the last thing I want to do is finish work at a restaurant and then go back and eat at one.

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    Its really romatic when a guy cooks a meal. It shows he's useful around the house and cares about you. But a resturant is nice to, if you pick the right one.

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    Thanksgiving is my very widespread holiday. it is not approximately presents or dressing up or something. Its approximately eating your self stupid and laying on the settee. What a great day!!!! rather between the terrific issues approximately Thanksgiving is the leftovers day after immediately. actual dinner at domicile. if your mom wont cook dinner youre invited to my domicile... in simple terms dont consume the final piece of apple pie!!!!!

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