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iphone4 fring 要錢嗎

我係3 出左iphone4.. 我有個外國朋友都係用iphone4..




我想問我用部iphone4 用fring黎玩videocall...用3個network玩要唔要錢架??打去外國播.. 我想知打香港同打外國駛唔駛錢..

我自己就驚要收錢 所以我都開左airplane mode先開wifi,用home個wifi 黎玩就

咁係唔係一定唔駛錢...係咪air mode左就一定唔會計3果個收費架

咁如果用3個network唔駛錢 係咪我去到邊都可以打去外國玩videocall都唔駛錢..

of course我講緊無限數據plan下用啦...

tell me more about fring ok ? thx!!!!

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    Yes, it is free when using Fring on your home WiFi.

    It is also free when you use 3's network because you have unlimited data plan.

    In other words, it is free anywhere within Hong Kong.

    If you leave Hong Kong, Fring on WiFi is still free, but Fring on 3's network is NOT free any more. 3 will charge data usage at roaming rate, which is very very very expensive. So, you should turn off mobile data or disable roaming data on iPhone4 before start using Fring on WiFi in this situation.

    Have fun!

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