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問一下電影裡頭的歌曲 急~。

我曾看過永不退縮這一部電影 我覺得很好看 但他電影裡的音樂都很好聽


比如說:準備要去參加拳擊比賽的那一首歌!那時他朋友很白的那位被打得很慘!! 他就很不爽穿他爸得衣服開車去比賽場那段歌曲

還有一段是和他拳擊老師什麼路加的一起鍛鍊的一首歌!! 類似搖滾蠻好聽的


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    Written by Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Gerard Way and Mikey Way

    Performed by My Chemical Romance

    "Crank That (Travis Barker Remix)"

    Written by Soulja Boy

    Performed by Soulja Boy

    "Rock Star"

    Written by Lil' Wayne, Nsilo Kharonde Reddick, Chamillionaire and Nicholas W. Sherwood

    Performed by Chamillionaire

    "The Slam"

    Written by Toby McKeehan, Christopher Stevens, Joe Webber and Rene Sotomayer (T-Bone)

    Performed by Toby McKeehan & T-Bone

    "False Pretense"

    Written by Ronnie Winter

    Performed by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    "Anthem For The Underdog"

    Written by Aaron Gainer, Paul McCoy and Eric Weaver

    Performed by 12 Stones

    "Above and Below"

    Written by Sam Endicott

    Performed by The Bravery

    "Wolf Like Me"

    Written by Babatunde Omoroga Adebimpe, Jaleel Bunton, Kyp Malone, David Andrew Sitek and Gerard Anthony Smith

    Performed by T.V. On The Radio

    "Under the Knife"

    Written by Brandon Barnes, Christopher Chasse, Tim McIlrath and Joseph Principe

    Performed by Rise Against


    Written by Steve Knight, Jinho 'Piper' Ferreira and Dave Lopez

    Performed by Flipsyde

    "Be Safe"

    Written by Gary John Jarman, Ross Anthony Jarman, Ryan James Jarman and Lee Ranaldo

    Performed by The Cribs

    "Orange Marmalade"

    Written by Jonathan Bates

    Performed by Mellowdrone

    "You Are Mine"

    Written by Paul Meany

    Performed by Mutemath


    Written by Thomas Bangalter, Edwin Birdsong, Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo and Kanye West

    Performed by Kanye West

    Contains portions of "Harder Better Faster Stronger"

    Performed by Daft Punk

    Contains portions of "Cola Bottle Baby"

    Performed by Edwin Birdsong

    "Time Won't Let Me Go"

    Written by Sam Endicott

    Performed by The Bravery

    "It's OK, But Just This Once!"

    Written by Sam Hollander, David A. Katz, Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo, Travie McCoy and Matt McGinley

    Performed by Gym Class Heroes

    "Tales From The South"

    Written by Jonas Steur

    Performed by Tiësto

    "Outta Control"

    Written by Ali Dee, Zach Danziger, Julian Davies and Alana Da Fonseca

    Performed by King Juju以上是電影所有的歌曲.

    Source(s): imdb
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    歌手: Kanye West

    歌曲: Stronger


    歌手:The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    歌曲:False Pretense

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