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How do apply for a foreign exchange student?

What are some good websites/ hot lines... what are any ones experiences with a foreign exchange student they've had... does it cost any money and approximately how much?

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    My husband and I have hosted 5 exchange students (1 for 7mos and 4 for 10-11mos each) and I have been a volunteer with Youth For Understanding (YFU), a high school exchange organization, for almost 2yrs now. The first student we hosted was not with YFU and we learned alot! While the girl we had was absolutely wonderful, the program (which no longer exists) had some short comings.

    I've put some links below about YFU. You can also email me with questions (DamEngineer@msn.com -- Yahoo! Answers limits the length of messages sent through it and I can never say everything I want to say in that limit :) ). We have found the experience to be beyond words -- it has been fun, educational, fulfilling, challenging, I don't have the words to describe it all. I now have a German son, a Hungarian daughter, a Danish daughter, and a Russian daughter. I've learned more about myself than I ever thought I would.

    The financial costs are limited to "room and board" - the student will need a place to sleep (can share a room with a same-sex sibling but will need own bed), put their personal belongings, and study. You would also have to provide 3 reasonably healthy meals per day (you don't have to have steak and lobster everyday, but 500 calories per day is not enough for a teenager!). Our kids became accustomed to making their own breakfast (I am NOT a morning person!!) from whatever they asked to get from the grocery store, eating lunch at school or with friends (we gave them cash in the amount of a little more than the school lunch), and then eating whatever I cooked for supper. (Once in a while they would cook.) If they wanted to go out to eat with friends, they paid for it. If we went out as a family, we paid for it. Some host parents expect their students to pay for their own soap and shampoo, some don't (as long as it's not expensive). Other than that, your utility bills will go up slightly as you have one more person taking showers/baths and washing clothes and dishes, but that's relatively small. If you want dollar figures as to how much it costs, that's hard for me to give you - if you have any kids of your own, just think about how much they eat. You will need to provide a way for the student to get to and from school, but that can be a school bus, walking/biking (if you're close enough), rides from friends, a ride with you as you go to work, etc. If the student wants to go to the mall to hang out with friends, then the student needs to figure out how to get there (if it's convenient for you, it would be nice (but not required) if you took them). Things that the student may want and you don't have to pay for: clothing, school fees (for sports or lab classes), fancy vacations (YFU (and some others I would assume) have optional trips for the kids), CDs/personal electronics, a cell phone, etc.

    I hope this helps. Again, feel free to email me. While I will be the first to admit that hosting a student isn't for everyone, I think every family should at least consider it.

    Source(s): For More Information: www.yfu-usa.org 1-866-4YFU-USA Videos: Hosting (1min) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcEvkUoqF4E&feature... Hosting (16min) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM8sqFNX6vk&NR=1
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    Why could they wish to? They are most often best going to be there for a couple of months besides, it could be a waste of time, except it is inconceivable seeing that they are no longer honestly fitting residents of the nation, they are simply traveling for academic functions.

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