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what does the Confederate flag mean?

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    A few years back african americans all made a big fuss about the confederate battle emblem on the Georgia state flag. Georgia presented three flags since then, with the state legislature finally adopting the one they have now. The african americans were all satisfied, but at the same time some of the other folks, like the rednecks are complaining that their herritage was taken from them by the adoption of the present state flag. However, what I don't understand is that the present state flag is also the flag of the confederacy.

    The only change that has been done to it from the original is #1 the placement of the georgia state seal in the midlde of it's circular 13 stars. #2 they replaced the circular 13 sized stars from the flag of the confederacy with the 13 smaller sized stars from the 13 star union flag. But it still looks like the actual flag of the confedracy. Don't believe it? Get on the computor and go to google and then type in "flags of the confederacy." Look at it and then type in "Georgia state flag, and you'll see for yourself. This same flag is now flying above all of their courthouses. What I find amusing about this is that the african americans think it's a good flag, even though it still represents the confederacy, the very institution that practiced slavory, and the rednecks think it's a ripoff from their herritage by not still having the confederate battle flag any more, yet it's the flag of the confederacy. Go figure.

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    Meaning is a reflection of the viewer. It means different things to different people.

    It started simply as the flag of the confederacy. It represented the rebels and their government.

    It has been used by the KKK and other racists groups. To them it means oppressing (or fighting the influence of) african-americans, jews, and others.

    To the african-american, it is often perceived as a symbol of their historical oppression and the continued racism of present times.

    To many white southerns, it is the symbol of their region, and the fight against the historical oppression of the south by the north.

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