which college is better? Wayne state university,University of michigan, or Michigan state university?

i am in 10th grade so i still have alot of time to decide...so which college is better? i'm looking foward on becoming either a Doctor or some type of Engineer... my gpa isnt anything spectacular...its a 3.3 right now...my highest was 3.4 and that was in 9th grade, plus that was the ONLY year i took an advanced class(advanced math. but we call it algebra I or algebra II or something like that).... so what college is better for me?

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  • 10 years ago
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    As of now you have way better chances of getting into Wayne state and Michigan state, but honestly i am in algebra 1 part b and am in 9th grade and it is not even advanced so i would say you start looking at different colleges here are a couple. You would be able to get into Wayne State easily.

    Western Michigan University

    Central Michigan University

    Eastern Michigan University

    Ball State university

    Bowling Green University

    Indiana State University

    Kent State University

    Miami University-Oxford Maybe

    Ohio University

    University of Cincinnati


    Youngstown State University do not go there

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