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How deep are the Bushes in the oil industry?Do they still own Texas Standard Oil? How rich...?

...have they become off of..

these wars?

Please don't answer if you are Bill O-Reilly. Haha. Seriously - these people are evil...

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    The Bushes are from New England. They're probably only worth 10 to 100 million. They got ahead not by being smart, or evil, but by doing whatever they were told. If they had any smarts, their family oil bidness would not have gone bust, nor would brother Neil have gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. They did have the smarts to make off with a lot of Harkin Oil money before that company went boom, and not get prosecuted for that.

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    Maybe you ought to look up Texas Standard Oil. I don't find the Bushes ever having had any ownership of the company.

    As for where President George W. Bush got his money, it was not from the oil business. He owned a major league baseball team, ran it for several years, and sold it at a handsome profit.

    Which people are evil? Bill O'Reilly? If you already have your mind made up, it won't do much good asking for information. Unless you find some of your information is wrong.

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    What's Texas Standard Oil? The only listings I can find for that are little local exploration companies. I doubt if the Bushes have any connection with them.

    Perhaps therapy might help with your obsession. Your local public mental health clinic can probably help you find someone to assist you. Good luck.

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    OK I find it funny that your worried about how rich the outgoing President is. He can not be reelected, he can not become King, he will be out of office in less than a year, shouldn't you be more worried about what the new candidates are doing and where they get their funds, and what they will do?

    There is an end to your Bush problems, its called an election in 2008, hang in there. Then you will have to find something you can complain about in the new President.

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