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Wozniacki beat Ivanovic?

Well, this is her 3rd one over a former World No. 1 the other two being Mauresmo and Sharapova. Congrats Caro. Will people start taking her seriously now or not?

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    Disingenuous, for the umpteenth time, Wozniack HAS ALREADY BEATEN a top 5 player. That would be Vera Zvonareva, who will be #3 on Monday. You incorrectly said that she hasn't beaten Zvonareva, but she has. She's beaten her twice. And Wozniacki isn't playing 24-28 tournaments in a season. Including Beijing, she's played 21 tournaments in 2010.

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    Ivanovic is a FORMER world #1, but I am sure you have noticed she has not been PLAYING like she once was #1 ranked. And, I noticed that you added Sharapova in Wozniacki's list of opponents. EVERYONE on the tour is beating Sharapova. She has not been the same since coming back from the shoulder surgery; and she is being eliminated in the first round of most tournaments, possibly making it to the second round of some.

    I am sure SOME will take Wozniacki seriously; they already are. I am not sure if it's because she over-took Serena in the rankings and the masses has dislike for Serena. HOWEVER, I am in that group that says until she BEATS a top 5 player and win a SLAM, to me she is just a paper ranked #1 player. You know, like Jankovic and Safina?

    Have you noticed that the Top 5 players play sparingly; therefore any ranked player that plays decent tennis can gain the ranking of #1 if they play 24-28 TOURNAMENTS a year, competing against lower seeds. I'm not impressed. Beat Serena, beat Clijsters, beat Henin, then I will be impressed. Better yet, get past Zvonareva, which Wozniacki has failed to do.

    BTW, she is the MOST celebrated player on the circuit gaining the #1 ranking. What's up with that?

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    Not to burst your bubble, but Ivanovic is a shadow of the player when she was Number 1. So beating her is nothing special.

    Wozniacki has to beat either Serena Williams, Clijsters, Henin or Venus Williams @ a slam event, then she can say she has beaten someone credible. I would have included Sharapova in that list but she is again nothing she was before. And Wozniacki did beat her @ US Open which was decent match to win.

    I hope Wozniacki can live upto her ranking and win Aussie Open 2011.

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    Well...I must say I'm surprised...Ivanovic is much more dynamic and dimensional than Wozniacki....Anyway,I'm 100% Wozniacki will win Beijing and Doha...With the Williams sisters and Henin not playing until 2011 and Kim being injured there is no one that can spot Wozzi...

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    I watched the whole match.

    Ivanovic played average, she hit 40+ winners and 40+ unforced errors.

    There was only like 10 points between them.

    Wozniacki played well, but Ivanovic beat herself in a way.

    Ivanovic is on the way up again, she's playing well and I'd like to see her win in Linz in just over a weeks time.

  • Genuine, I guess she can't beat the current number one, because she IS the current number 1, get over it. She's #1.

    Congrats Caro, but I hope Miss Vera can beat you in the final


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    I for one have always took her seriously ESPECIALLY since she made the final of the US Open last year!

    I really think she has the chance to really succeed!! I mean, a lot of people say her head-to-head record against the top players hasn't been good but when you really think about it, she really actually hasn't had that many chances to actually play them the entire year!

    I really think she has become a new player and she really has the potential to become one of the best!

    Caro FTW <3



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    I use to be a fan of Ivanovic, but forget her. Wozniacki is the number in female tennis players.

    Wozniacki is my tennis girl now, bye bye Ivanovic.

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    yeah i think wozniaki will earn the respect she deserves.... had she played more top rated players this year.. she probably would have pulled out more big wins...

    i think and hope shes gonna carry this consistency and game to the slams and make a big impression....

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