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    1.Receives thing which the people observe welcome.

    2.The matter which accepts for everybody is popular.

    3.The populace pursue the goods are popular.

    Popular, it is an abstract noun, refers to is one kind of atmosphere, the fashion, the tidal current, moreover is the present age, has the effectiveness, it not limited to sole object, no matter matter size, no matter with whether there is coherent, may create popularly, popular strength not far, its deep influence we, because we are creating popularly.

    Publicizes professor the theory proposition which a relapse elaborates in "Popular" the book is high, the pop culture is defined with difficulty. In order to solve this problem, “the pop culture” a word is developed in the book a covering pole of the face broad concept: “the pop culture is the fashionable clothing, the fashion, fashionable, the expense culture, the leisure culture, the luxurious culture, the material culture, the popular life style, savors popularly a full of meat which, the ingredient complex total concept, concepts and so on metropolis culture, sub-culture, mass culture as well as populace culture compose”

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    1. Welcome by people view things

    2. Is accepted by all things pop

    3. The people to pursue the popular items

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