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Hook Swords legal in California?

I'm interested in buying a pair of hook swords but I'm not sure if it's legal to own in California. If it is legal, are there any restrictions on where I can train or how to transport them?

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    Hook swords are just like any other martial arts weapon and that means the burden of proof is on you to prove that you are not violating the law and have no intention of it. While your civil rights allow you to carry such weapons in the trunk of your car to and from a place of study, worship, or a cultural place for demonstration and maybe even wear them or demonstrate their use or participate in some cultural ceremonies that is not the same thing as having it on the seat next to you on a Friday night or taking them to the mall or wearing them as you walk down the street. I will also add that San Jose has a very restrictive policy because of a fatal sword attack that took place in 2007-2008.

    A good example of this is a Marine officer or veteran Marine officer that is attending a formal military dinning out or ball who is wearing a saber. Can he get pulled over for something and if found to be carrying it and wearing it on the way to the ball be arrested? The answer is no and this has already been decided in court but if he is not on his way to attending something like this and has it in the car and lying on his back seat he could get arrested for it and get it confiscated and have to appear in court to get it back.

    I carry any of my martial arts weapons in my trunk in cases or my bag and never just leave them in the car all the time. They are only in my car if I am going to a tournament or demo or my school or someone else's to work out. You can own them and even transport them and wear them and demonstrate their use but it has to be done in such a way as to not conflict generally with other laws that are also on the books for weapons. Transport them in a case in the trunk and never just leave them in your car all the time and don't give an officer a reason that he might want to search your car and you should be alright. Along with this some good common sense with how to act and behave if pulled over will go a long way in keeping you out of trouble and getting your car searched and them confiscated with you being charged for illegal transportation of a weapon.

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    California's government is on the verge of making common sense illegal! Cali has quite a few crazy laws. You need more reliable information than most can provide here. It is legal to own many objects/weapons but their transportation is a different story.

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    All swords are legal but u cant just go walking around with them. They are Shaolin weapons. U should be able to buy a carrying bag for them. I know they sell them fot Tai Chi Swords and Daos.

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    California's government is on the verge of coming up person-friendly experience unlawful! Cali has fairly some loopy rules. you decide on extra solid counsel than maximum aspects right here. it incredibly is legal to very own many gadgets/weapons yet their transportation is a different tale.

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    Agree with CTC.

    Your only concern would be not having a carrying case. Not having one, wont get you into trouble, but people can complain about safety, in my experience, those things get stuck on every little thing in sight.

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