Why is it okay to light a giant Menorah in front of the White House?

The ACLU and the Anti-defamation league fought tooth and nail to get Nativity scenes out from in front of governmental buildings and schools. Why are they strangely silent when a Jewish icon is placed in front of the symbolic heart American governance?

Is that not a double standard?
Update: And what does a tree have to do with Christianity?
Update 2: The Jewish population of America makes up roughly 2.5% of the total population. The majority is still held by Christians, who don't seem to hold the same level of religious freedom of expression as the Jewish population.
Update 3: Wow, 2 people read the question. Thats great. This has nothing to do with the tree. The tree is not a symbol of Christianity. The nativity scene was, until ADL and ACLU got it banned. So, once again, Why is it okay when the Menorah is displayed prominently in front of the White House? Quit your deflecting!
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