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Conflict in Pakistan?

Can somebody please give me a overview of the conflicts occurring in Pakistan including modern day news of it? Thanks1

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    One could easily write a 500 page book about Pakistan and still have to leave stuff out. To spare you all of that here's an overview. Pakistan is by and large a collection of different ethnic and cultural groups, each with their own language and customs, all of whom just happen to be Muslim and living in what used to be the British colony of India. Pakistan's government has essentially been subject to a series of coups and counter-coups over the last 50 or so years. The best way for these governments to try to galvanize the public behind their regimes is to focus on outside problems and enemies. Thus Pakistan's government was and still is funding Taliban elements inside and outside of Afghanistan, and the Pakistani government has always had a pretty strong hatred of India, focusing on these problems makes people forget about problems inside of Pakistan. Additionally Pakistan is not the most industrialized country in the world; some parts of it are pretty modern, but much of it still very rural. Combined with the natural disasters the country has experienced the last several years you end up with an ethnically diverse country, with a chaotic government focused on external enemies, and a high rate of poverty. Very few countries with these characteristics ever experience real internal peace.

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