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The shocker team of the year goes tooooooo?

In the NHL nearly every year they have a story book shocker team or post season run

Its very debatable to say whether last years was The Phoenix Coyotes or The Philadelphia Flyers

Personally I believe St Louis will win the Stanley Cup this year while making the 4th, 5th or 6th seed in the standings. Would this shock people for them to finally win a cup? yes, is it impossible? far from

Their offense is great with the likes of TJ Oshie, Brad Boyes, David Backes, and Patrick Berglund running down the middle with players like David Perron on the wing (i cant remember too many wingers off the top of my head beyond him on the team)

The defense is deep with potential with Eric Brewer, Colaiacavo, Jackman, and Alex Petrienagelo who is the future defensemen of the NHL and along with Erik Johnson (whom i believe to break out this season) will be the future of the Blues

And between Ty Conklin, a past All Star proven goalie and Jaroslav Halak, a man with loads of potential, how much better can the pipes get?

My suprise team choice goes to The St Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup against washington in 6 games

Any opinions/other guesses?


Kilometres AKA Miles

do you realize what you just said?


Jason Blake: 82 GP - 16G - 25A - 41P

Vesa Toskala: 32 GP - 9W - 12L - (im going to go with torontos stats for the rest of him) 3.66 GA - 8.74 SV

Matt Stajan: 82GP - 19G - 38A - 57P

Niklas Hagman: 82GP - 25G - 19A - 44P

Ian White: 83GP - 13G - 25A - 38P

Jamal Mayers: 81GP - 3G - 11A - 14P

Victor Stalberg: 40GP - 9G - 5A - 14P

Alexei Ponikarovsky: 77GP - 21G - 29A - 50P

Lee Stempniak: 80GP - 28G - 20A - 48P


Jean-Sebastien Giguere: 35GP - 10W - 15L - 7OTL - (anaheims) - 3.14Ga - .900 SV

Dion Phaneuf: 81GP - 12G - 20A - 32P

Fredrick Sjostrom: 65GP - 3G - 8A - 11P

Keith Aulie: No NHL games to date, but 6 points in 48 AHL games (bad)

Kris Versteeg: 70GP - 20G - 24A - 44P

Luca Caputi: 23GP - 2G - 6A - 8P

Does an offseason of that calibur turn a team from 29th in the league to the best team in the playoffs?

I think not Kilometres, why do you always dissapoint? you need to get that american tampon out of your bum

Update 2:

btw the only reason you dont have a thumbs down, is because i meant to give you one but accidently gave you a thumbs up, worst mistake of my life

i say my finger slipped about half an INCH on my keypad

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  • Chuck
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    10 years ago
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    Blues are a good call for a sleeper pick.

    Keep your eye on Sobtka too. I loved the way that kid played for the Bruins, we're gonna miss him and his hard nosed style of play.

  • 4 years ago

    Yes The Bears had an ok draft. They did get players to help with both sides of the ball, but the TE pick was a waste. The Bears do need a blocking TE, but Kellen Davis isn't that great of a blocking TE, he's more of a passing TE, something the Bears have enough of. With the schedule the Bears have, the Bears will go 9-7and make the Playoffs as a Wild Card team.

  • St. Louis should make the playoffs but I'm not sold on them making it past teams like Vancouver, Detroit, or even San Jose.

    As to your Leafs comments-

    You fail to mention Clarke MacArthur (you know, the guy who scored the winner last night). ATL walked away from his arbitration award, making him a UFA, and the Leafs picked him up for cheaper than his arbitration award. Should be a steady 15-20 goal scorer if his production runs parallel to what he did previously.

    You need to update this cut/paste; Caputie and Aulie are playing in the AHL. You also fail to mention the guys who made the roster out of camp (Brent, Zigomanis, Brown). You also fail to mention Giguere's record in Toronto which was vastly improved. And that Toskala was s**t-ton awful.

    Stempniak scored half his goals on Phoenix on a 29% shooting percentage (which I can promise you won't happen again). PIT acquired Ponikarovsky (for Caputi) and thought so much of him they let him go (LAK signed him).

  • I bet the Blues will go into the playoffs but winning the Cup? Maybe making it to the conference finals....but the Cup seems a bit unrealistic. They are a great team but I think some other team are

    in better shape to win the Cup

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  • 10 years ago

    Personally, I dont see any real shockers this season, there may be one but I wouldnt but my money on the Blues. They play in a tough division and an even tougher conference and I dont not really like their chances.

    Though I guess if I have to choose, I like Colorado's look. They are young but yet still have enough veteran experience. I dont like them tonight because they beat the Hawks in OT, but if the Hawks dont repeat, I wouldnt mind seeing a young team win it.

  • Alx
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    10 years ago

    Not the St Louis Blues.

  • 10 years ago

    You are the reason I have no pity for Blues fans... that and all the times the Blues knocked my Hawks out of the playoffs.

  • 10 years ago

    St Louis? LOL, wouldn't count on it.

    I think toronto will surprise everyone and finish 7th or 8th. I doubt they'll get past the first round though.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Blues wont even see the playoffs.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Youre clueless for the Maple Leafs will win thecup.

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