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What are the temperatures like in November in Johannesburg?

I'm traveling to Jo'burg in November and wondering what the weather is like, cool or COLD?

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    It's quite hot. Perfect swimming weather. Most days will be around 28-32¤ C. At night it's cooler so pack a lightweight jacket. It is the rainy season - usually afternoon thundershowers! I live in joburg. Hope that helps.

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    Novembr is early summer in Johannesburg.

    Just to give you an idea, it is October now and we are experiencing pleasant temperatures of around 16 min to 30 max degrees celcius at the moment. It should be around the same next month.

    Just bear in mind that the rainy reason for Joburg is usually around September to October, but we've only just started getting a couple of slight drizzles, so chances are that November might still be rainy.

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    November will be the start of summer in South Africa and temperatures in Johannesburg are usually fairly mild anyway due to the city's high altitude.

    Expect 12.7 C minimum and 24.2 C maximum so quite warm.

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    Why would it be cold? It's summer here.

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