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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 10 years ago

Who would you rather see return to WWE; Shawn Michaels or The Rock + YWWA Presents GCW Results 2?

Match 2: Risky Business and Straight Edge Punk vs Darth Hendrix and Gothem City Saint

To follow up on this night of action, 4 young up and coming superstars paired up to go at it. Saint decided to start off the match with the man who beat him on Breakdown; the returning Punk. The 2 locked up in a test of strength as they did in their previous battle, but this time Saint was able to overcome Punk much easier, apparently learning from their last encounter. He managed to push Punk down and then run and drive a knee into the face of Punk. Punk was now flat on his back and Saint began dropping knees into his face. After a few drops he then began jumping to more effectively drive his knees into Punk’s face. After quite a few he paused and allowed Punk to roll over to the corner. Saint pulled him up and laid him against it as he proceeded to kick him repeatedly in the gut before slamming him down with a belly to belly suplex. Saint was rolling tonight and had no signs of slowing up. He set Punk sitting up against the mat and then placed him in a ½ nelson to wear him down early on. Fans cheered Saint and Hendrix on entirely and were finally starting to get behind Saint at a surprising amount for a new rookie; 1st to say I eat tacos gets BA. Punk began fighting his way up to his feet and when he did Saint intensionally threw him out of the hold and bouncing into the ropes. As he bounced off of them he sent Punk down with a big belly to belly throw. Fans cheered and cheered even louder when Saint was free to tag in the #1 contender for the Openweight Title; Hendrix. Hendrix came rushing in and immediately pulled Punk up hoping to end the match with a Darthism. However, before he could hit it, Punk was able to counter out of it and place a swift kick to the skull of Hendrix to nearly knock him out cold. Hendrix was down and Punk leaned against the ropes as GCW headed off to a commercial break. As it returned Punk and Risky had yet to lose control since the break and Risky currently had Hendrix in a headlock. He extended his hand and tagged Punk back. Since the break the 2 had been making several constant tags. Risky broke the hold as Punk got on a knee and extended it out so that Risky could belly to back suplex Hendrix onto it. Fans gasped as Hendrix rolled around throbbing in pain caused by Punk and Risky. All Punk did was cheaply kick the hurt back of Hendrix to torment him before pulling him up and tying him up into the ropes. Fans booed as Punk left Hendrix in an absolutely defenseless position allowing Punk to kick the sides of Hendrix repeatedly. After numerous kicks Punk hit Hendrix with an inzguri that appeared to take him out. Punk capitalized by tagging in Risky. By taking the time to tag in Risky, the ref thankfully was able to untangle Hendrix giving him at least a fighting chance. But not for long because Risky charged him and placed him in another headlock, this time taking him down with a headlock takeover which led to him keeping the headlock applied on the mat. After applying all the pressure he could Risky did his best to do what he thought would take Hendrix out. With Hendrix lying in the center of the ring, Risky decided to go for a big risk by climbing up to the top rope. Still Hendrix was motionless and Risky dove off looking for an elbow drop. However, fans cheered when Hendrix was able to roll out of the way and Risky crashed down to the mat. Fans rooted on Hendrix as he crawled toward his corner. But when Hendrix was just mere inches away from making a tag, Punk caused a distraction which made the ref come over to him and put a halt to his rampage. By the time Hendrix tagged in Saint busted out into the ring and pulled Risky up; who at this point was on his knees. He hit him with an atomic drop, then hit him with a 2nd one before slamming him down with a spinebuster. Fans were cheering and finally the ref saw what was going on and tried to talk with Saint as he began to scale the top rope. Saint ignored the ref and dove off to hit the elbow drop Risky missed, and he hooked the leg for a pin. However, the ref began explaining how he missed the tag and Hendrix must re-enter the mat. Fans booed and Saint got up from the pin and sent GCW off to another commercial break with the 2 bickering in the ring. When GCW returned from a 2nd commercial break, Punk was in the ring with Hendrix chopping him across the chest in the corner. Him and Risky gained control during the break and hadn’t lost it since. Punk then pulled Hendrix out from the corner and then slammed him down with an impactful Alabama Slam. The match at this point was at the 26 minute mark; an astonishing point for a couple of new superstars. Punk backed up after hitting his slam and called out for an Anaconda Vise to finish the match with the crowd booing him. Hendrix struggled up and soon Punk went for it. Hendrix tried with all his might to fight it and eventually managed to roll away from it and tag in Saint.


Fans cheered and he hit Punk with an X-Factor he referred to as the Saint-Factor. Risky then came running in only to be kicked in the gut and slammed down with another Saint Factor. Saint then went and pinned the legal Punk; 1, 2, 3! Saint picked up the victory. Fans cheered and Saint looked thrilled at his 1st returning win on YWWA. Fans applauded him, but his moment was ruined while he helped up Hendrix and the sore losers Risky and Punk attacked him from behind and stomped him down. The crowd booed at the lack of disrespect but Punk and Risky couldn’t have cared less. Then all of a sudden a man later confirmed as a wrestler named Josh Extremer came rushing out and aided Saint. He fought both men off of him until Saint joined in. Then each of them clotheslined a man over the ropes and down to the floor to scare them away. The fans cheered the 2 men and wondered what was to come from them both on YWWA.

Winners: Darth Hendrix and Gothem City Saint

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  • Andrew
    Lv 6
    10 years ago
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    Promo: You will find out about me and Josh Extremer at Severe Warning. So stay tuned.

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  • ?
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    The Rock

    Source(s): -If you got beef with me, you can go HUMP A TREE-
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  • I'd rather see The Rock return. Reason being is that HBK has had a long, full career, and deserves to retire. I'm not saying The Rock shouldn't be with his family, but I'd like to see him return.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The Rock.

    Awesome Show

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