Need help on the poem called The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd?

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What does the speaker mean in this line from the poem? But could youth last and love still breed.... a) As people get older, love fades b) Young people do not know the meanining of more
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The meaning is a) As people get older, love fades. The Nymph is telling the Shepherd that even though he is promising all of those nice things now, time will pass and it won't be as important. The nympgh is basically saying "If this were true, then I'd waste my time living with you... Too bad it isn't."
Have you read "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love?" because this poem is actually a reply in which the nymph declines the shepherd's offer.

Edit- I just thought, that perhaps it could also be d, and the nymph could be insinuating that in the folly of youth, love is possible... but once people age, they become wiser and understand that love is impossible.

Just analyzed these poems in school awhile ago.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    the answer is letter "C" because it says that who cares if you get older you will still love the one's you loved before.
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