Madonna fans please help!?

I'm going to be Madonna for halloween. I'm in highschool and wearing this costume to school so it cant be very revealing. i need some tips on some basics in madonna fashion that i must have in my costume and some other things that i may want. i'm deffinitally getting the lace gloves and i already have a big red bow i can use. my mom got me a cross necklace- but i'm jewish so i feal kinda weird about wearing it

should i just wear it?

any suggestions help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sounds like the look you will be aiming for is 80's Madonna. This picture should give you the basics and an idea of the 'feel'.

    Some more

    Basically - tousled hair held in a headband, lots of rubber bracelets, religious jewelery and LOTS of attitude.

    As to the necklace, do whatever you feel is right, obviously your mum does not feel it would be wrong to wear the crucifix and it would complete the outfit, but if you wouldn't feel right it would affect your attitude in wearing it which could cause more damage to what you are trying to achieve. Follow what you think is right and feel good in what you wear.

    Good luck.

  • 4 years ago

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    1 decade ago

    ewww. who likes madonna thats gay!like seriously.

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