What are some really cool technology advancements for the 21st Century?

I want to know of some really abstract new high-tech things created recently. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most technologies coming out in the 21st century are progressions from what were started in the 20th century. I think the coolest are the "green" technologies (which is hopefully not just fad). There are excitements on the power grid, better batteries (transparent batteries and those that power plug-in/hybrid vehicles), better performing solar panels and LED (in terms of manufacturing and of applying to consumer targeted products).

    There are recent excitements in power saving OLED and 3D displays. There are recent excitements on life saving nano and robotics for medical and military use. There are recent excitements in transportation such as the flying car, for example. There are recent excitements on new services for the Internet. There are also recent excitements in space technology including those targeting to hit the sun or to go far beyond our solar system/galaxy.

    What's really cool would depend on how the new technology truly affects your life and the people around you. Would you believe that for some, Facebook and Twitter are already their idea of what's really cool? ;-)

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