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Could you please answer questions on these uncommon names?

These names are not my favorites, nor or they ones I would ever consider using, they're entirely random.

boys name: Lewis is pronunced LOO-iss and it's the English form of Louis meaning famous warrior. It's currently ranked at #725 in the top 1000 boys names and its most popular year was 1880 at #30.

girls name: Iolanthe is pronounce yoe-LAN-thee and it means violet (flower) in Greek and has never been ranked in the top 1000 girls names.

Here are the questions:

1. What is your opinion on these names?

2. What would nicknames and/or middle names would you use for these names?

3. Which would you use to describe:

i. dislike it, ii. not bad, iii. ok iv. like it, v. love it

4. What kind of person do these names put to mind?

5. Do you know anyone with these names? (description if yes)

6. Any stories/history you have on these names.

By the way, since many seem to want to know, this is for a potential baby name book or blog.


(Please answer all questions!! Best answer will go to whoever gives most detail!!)

8 Answers

  • 10 years ago
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    1. I don't mind it, but to be honest, I do prefer the French Louis (loo-EE). I really like Louis.

    2. Lou/Lew, Louie, Lews (rhymes with Mews). Middle names: Lewis Alexei, Lewis Michael, Lewis Martin, Lewis Thomas

    3. iii

    4. I picture a very fatherly sort of person, very suburban. Not a real unique guy, but looks nice, has a nice job (maybe a salesman), wife and two kids, wears polo shirts, likes his life the way it is.

    5. Nope, sorry.

    6. Sorry again.


    1. Very cool. But it'll be insane trying to teach people, much less the baby, to pronounce it.

    2. Nicknames: Io, Iola, Lana, Lanie, Lanthe, Anthe, Ani. Middle names: Iolanthe Meredith, Iolanthe Anastasia, Iolanthe Melinda, Iolanthe Winifred. You really can't just stick a "Lynn" or an "Ann" onto this one.

    3. iv. Like it a lot, but I find it hard to see on a baby.

    4. I really can't picture a child with this name- I picture a twenty-something girl whose birth name was something dry like Kaitlyn or Megan and who wanted to be unique, so she legally changed it to Iolanthe. Maybe with mousy brown hair, a heart-shaped face, pretty, challenging blue eyes. A bit of a daredevil, loves to stand out, but can be sweet under her shell. Very intelligent.

    5. No way!

    6. Sorry, nope.

    Speaking of blogs, if you feel like checking mine out, it's at It's a blog about... well, about anything I feel like ranting about, but it's pretty funny, and one of my earliest posts was about names I really really hate (Kaitlyn's there, trust me!). Go to the first month to read about it. Post your blog, too, and I'll check it out!

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  • 10 years ago

    1. Lolanthe is just weird I would never, ever use it. Lewis isn't weird, just not my style.

    2. Lola and Louie maybe? Lewis Andrew, and Lolanthe Corinne.

    3. i. for both (dislike)

    4. Lolanthe an idian girl. Lewis, a Spanish boy.

    5. No I do not.

    6. I remember a boy in the movie Jack had the name Lewis and everyone called him Louie. I had a crush on him when i was younger and saw the movie

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  • 10 years ago

    I absolutely love Iolanthe, it's stunning. It is the name of a Gilbert and Sullivan opera and it is believed this was the first use of the name.

    Although I now live in the USA, I'm originally from England, and Lewis is incredibly popular in England, so I'm not as keen on that.

    NB: You are right to say Lewis is the English form of Louis, it is not Welsh, as someone has previously said. It is popular in Wales, as a first name and a last name, but it is an English name.

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  • 10 years ago


    1. It's a good name

    2. Lew, Lewie

    3. Ok

    4. Dark hair, dark eyes

    5. Yes, I used to.

    6. I went to school with a Lewis.


    1. Very unique, but not sickeningly so.

    2. Lola

    3. I'm in between ok and like it

    4. Brunette with green eyes

    5. No

    6. No

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  • sabala
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    a million. To be sincere with you Ixchel simply doesnt determine for me and Knightley is simply OK. two. I cant believe of any nicknames for Ixchel however Lee or Nate might be a lovely nickname for Knightley. For core names i propose Ixchel Alexandra and Knightley James. three. Dislike Ixchel however Knightley turns out no longer a foul inspiration regardless that. four. Umm im no longer definite on Ixchel however i will be able to believe of a powerful, unbiased man with the identify Knightley James. five. Never 6. Nope Hope this is helping :)

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  • 10 years ago


    1. i'm not a big fan of this name.

    2.i have no clue what nickname you could use. maybe Lewy? my friend likes to be called that.

    3. its not bad.

    4. when i hear the name i think of a cute little kid :p

    5. my friend is named lewis. brown hair, dark eyes, pretty tall for 16 yrs old.

    6. none


    1. i dont like it that much personally.

    2. no ideas on nicknames.

    3. i dont like it.

    4. it sounds chineese ^_^

    5. no.

    6. none.

    sorry i couldnt help much.. thanks for your answer tho ^_^

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  • 10 years ago

    Two thumbs down on both.

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  • G
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    I like the name Lewis, it's Welsh like me :) I don't like Lolanthe so much.

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