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I want to download some new dance tunes....? If you know dance, click here, 10points best answer!?

Any other dance songs similar to Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk, Angel One - Hold me tonight?

I'm looking to download some new tunes...

Songs like Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk

Deadmau5 - I remember

Angel One - Hold me tonight

Angel City - Do you know

Songs like them :)


2 Answers

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    I'm In The House- Steve Aoki ft. Zuper Blahq

    Freaks Don't Sleep (Original)- Nik Denton

    Dynamik (original)- Michael Woods

    It's A Fine Day (D.O.N.S. Remix)- D.O.N.S.

    Hustle Up (Albin Myers Remix)- John Dahlbck

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  • 10 years ago

    Deadmau5 - alone with you

    Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger

    Daft Punk - Technologic

    Daft Punk - Robot Rock

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