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    It was an area conducive for agriculture AND transportation.

    At the juncture of the Tigris and Euphrates river was the perfect place to farm and the rivers provided a 'highway' for the transportation of goods. Time for all those hunter/gatherers to settle down, and live in a city near two rivers which could support a large, settled population living in a city with farms providing food for that permanent population. Civilization was born.

    If you look at the development of the USA, most major cities were founded near rivers and junctions between two rivers and waterways. Look at Pittsburg!

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    no longer all did, yet any communities that did no longer settle there did no longer develop right into a civilisation. The crescent presented too plenty nutrients and fertile soil to easily arise and pass away. so as that they stayed, and grew into greater suitable cities and so forth. some saved migrating and developed into the a techniques east civilisations, the place circumstances have been merely as fertile. .

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    Becoz, the fertile crescent is the place where farming was first started. Although much of it is desert now, but around 10,000 yrs ago it was very fertile. The early Romans infact farmed in one of the part of this area which comprises of modern north africa, iran, iraq, israel and other nearby area.

    Source(s): TVShow & Documentary-Atlas 4D, DISCOVERY CHANNEL.
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