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Tout le monde il le beau?

What does Tout le monde il le beau mean in English?

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    It means: «Everyone is beautiful, everyone is nice»

    «Tout le monde il est beau, tout le monde il est gentil» is a satirical comedy performed by Jean Yanne and released in 1972. This movie was a hit with audiences and scored his day it was released in France. Jean Yanne having found no producer, he created with Jean-Pierre Rassam his own production company, Cinequanon to produce the film. That would explain why every French men know this silly saying!

    Here is a bit more information on the comedy:

    Christian Gerber (Jean Yanne), a journalist for Radio Paris Radio Plus, was on assignment in South America in search of a rebel leader hiding in the jungle. After negotiations, he obtained an interview with him, but sees its equipment confiscated by the latter. While it is blithely double by unscrupulous reporters who provide stories cans, he returned to Paris determined to avenge himself and upset the routine of his radio, the editorial focused on God and religion, accusing his colleagues live during the noon edition.

    Having avoided the last minute dismissal, it is placed on a siding and appointed "supervisor emissions artistic ". After writing humorous songs about Jesus Christ and mocked his radio and its Director Plantier (Jacques Francois), he was finally dismissed.

    Yet, at the request of President Louis-Marcel Thull (Bernard Blier), he was reinstated and gets carte blanche on the editorial line. Gerber took the opportunity to disclose the truth and dare all provocations. The success was immediate, but meanwhile, the Chancery, employers and unions worried about the turn taken by the station Radio Plus, and the success goes to his head dangerously employees of Gerber.

    Source(s): French native speaker and Wikipedia (in French). The English version has not yet been fully updated and translated yet. Perhaps, I should offer my help...
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    I think you wrote it wrong. It probably should be "Tout le monde il est beau", which means "everyone's beautiful".

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    Why do people think a link to a machine translator is an answer? And worse, why when they post a machine translation that is obviously garbage, do they think that's an answer?

    OK, rant over.

    I don't think this makes sense. Is it missing some words? It's something about "Everybody" and "he" and "handsome", but it is missing a verb and seems to have too many subjects. Or something.

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