What is The main reason buddhists in tibet conflicts with china? and what other issues are buddhists in to?

I need to know please answer properly I need it for tomorrow please help me than ks :)

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    Tibet invaded China and occupied as far as Mongolia.

    The fourth in line from the dude who invaded Mongolia declared himself Dalai Lama number 4, retrospectively naming the previous 3 military rulers Dalai Lamae in absentum.

    The Chinese and Tibetans fought over the ground for a few hundred years.

    Dalai Lamae 9 to 13 were murdered in Potala palace by warring factions of Buddhist monks.

    Due to the military weakness of Tibet from internecine squabbling, China invaded, took the territory, killed lots of people, and probably saved the life of the present Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyato, from being murdered by his loving teachers (again).

    China used communism to justify invasion.

    Tibet used Buddhism to justify China giving Tibet back.

    China ignored Tibet for 50 years and did what China wished.

    That brings it to the present.

    The Chinese have no intention of giving Tibet back. They believe it is just part of China - which it has been at various times in history.

    Because the present Dalai Lama happens to be a world famous saintly type, gullible Westerners put "SAVE TIBET" stickers on their cars to protest the continuing squabble.

    Overall, the situation is basically Israel and Palestine but with epicanthic folds.




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    China invaded, occupied and annexed Tibet and kicked out its leaders, including the Dali Lama.

    Stuff all to do with Religion.

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    China wants to overrun Tibet and assimilate it into China completely, and wipe out all traces of Tibetan culture, religion, language and tradition.

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