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My dog HATES my boyfriend! Why?

I have a little silky/yorkie terrier mix and he is extremely loved by my family. There is four of us in the household who pays a lot of attention to him especially me. He spends a lot of time with me, he sleeps in my room and if we cannot find him around the house he is always in my room! I know he is very territorial and takes him a while to warm up to people but after he barks when someone comes over he will just sit with us and stare at our guests, which is no biggy. But he is 3 years old and I have been with my boyfriend since I got him and he HATES him! I would think by now he would warm up to him especially since my boyfriend is at my house at least four times a week. But EVERY single time he comes over my dog will growl and bark and run away, and if my boyfriend comes near me if my dog is sitting with me he will snarl and snap at him! My boyfriend can't stand him either since my dog acts like that and thinks it's funny but I am just wondering why?! If someone goes in my room my dog will go nuts but just hide under my bed but if my boyfriend comes in my dog runs out and growls and snaps at him if he steps one foot in my room LITERALLY! Lol I am just wondering what makes him act this way? He is so loving with the family but definitely not with the boyfriend!


I forgot to mention, when my dog was still a puppy, maybe 4 or 5 months, he tried to discipline my dog and im wondering if he held a grudge since then? Lol Do dogs not forget?!

Update 2:

Wow L.K. that is really something to think about! People have also said the same that animals have good judgment on character. That's really crazy how that happened

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    Well,there is more than one possibility. Your dog is jealous when your boyfriend is near you. He senses an unpleasant streak in you boyfriend or your boyfriend has given him a crafty kick.............

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    Yes, dogs are very territorial when it comes to their master, which is you. When he disciplined your dog, your dog does remember that. He can sense off of your partner that he may not really like him. You can train your dog to realize his own boundries. Your pet of choice is just that, a pet. Part of the family yes, but at the same time needs to know his place. You allowing your dog to be in your room is one big mistake. He needs to have his own special bed.

    Look up Its Me Or The Dog, it is about a woman who trains dogs and she is very good at what she does. She has a show on Animal Planet and you can also look her up and ask questions on her page or to her personally and she will answer you. You may even find answer yourself. You need to establish a master/dog roll. One thing she says is never to say no. They understand no and it will not get you the results you are looking for. But when he does something wrong you make a loud vocal sound as in "Ey", he will look at you then followed by a treat. Noises are what animals listen to. You will get there attention. You always follow with a treat. Then when they are doing something wrong and you make that noise they will listen because it will be followed with a treat and a praise. All will need to follow this method in your house then your dog will get respect from your boyfriend.

    If you go to her site, you will see what I am talking about. This also works with walking your dog. If he acts up when other dogs come around you simply jerk the leash (not too hard) and go in the opposite direction. Eventually you add the treats in. Your dogs eyes will be on you and not the dog because he will be getting a treat. Then you will be able to walk your dog without any problems. Meaning, once you have established walking the other direction, when you start to walk towards a dog you make that same "Ey" sound, he will look at you and be focused on you then you give the treat and say "Good boy".

    Never discipline your dog by hitting. They do not learn that way but will hold anger towards the one doing that. That was one mistake on his part.I hope I have helped in some way. Good luck to you.

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    Have your boyfriend be the one giving him food and treats when he's over, the dog sees himself as the male in your life and doesnt like your boyfriend for the fact he probably sees him as competition, you cant let your dog act like this to your boyfriend or even to strangers he needs training.

    Theres a episode of 'Its me or the dog' that shows a dog that has aggressive issues with the owners husband, maybe you should watch it and try some of its training tricks so you dog doesnt turn into a Tiny Tyrant

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    The dog does not forget and I would not trust the boyfriend as far as you can throw him. Your dog is telling you in every way he can that boy-fiend is not to be trusted. Dogs do not dislike anyone for no reason. The guy could have made up to him, but boy fiend chose to behave like a child. I would trust the dog. The dog is the more intelligent of the two. lol

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    My Dog Hates My Boyfriend

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    Get that boyfriend to read the short article in the link and put some of it into action.

    If he still gets nowhere then your dog is jealous, spoilt and in need of training.

    Ask the boyfriend what was the meanest thing he ever did to your dog when it was naughty?

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    Ask your boyfriend what he did to the dog when you weren't watching.

    Apart from that, this dog seems to think he makes decisions about who is allowed into your home. This is because he hasn't been taught any different. It's time to get this dog into training. He needs to know he's a dog, not a tryrant whe rules the roost.

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    The problem is not your dog or your is you. You are obviously letting your dog get away with all this. He is spoiled and untrained. I suggest you start correcting the bad behavior and provide training, exercise for your dog.

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    If you tend to be the one who spends most time with him, then he most likely sees you as his pack leader. Because he views you as leader, he would obviously be very protective of you. Therefore, when your boyfriend comes close to you or even into your and your dog's 'territory' (i.e. your house) then he feels the need to be aggressive towards your boyfriend.

    What you need to do is start to help your dog understand that your boyfriend is part of your little 'pack'. So, try getting your boyfriend to give him treats every time he comes to the house, and every time that he approaches your dog and your dog doesn't snap or growl. That way, he will associate seeing your boyfriend, with yummy food! Try to get your boyfriend to at least pretend to like the dog while he is around him, because if your dog picks up on the fact that your boyfriend doesn't like him, as he most likely will, then it will be incredibly hard to convince your dog that your boyfriend is a legitimate member of your 'pack'. Lastly, has your dog been castrated? If he hasn't then it will probably be quite a lot harder to train him to do anything, especially to like your boyfriend. If he isn't castrated then I highly recommend that you do get it done, for behavioural and health issues.

    I hope this helps!

    - Amber Faerie

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    I would pay attention to your dog. They are usually good judges of character.

    I know, I had a cat growing up that loved every one except one of my boyfriends. I broke up with him for other reasons. It turned out a few years latter he married and a few years after that he murdered his wife. My cat knew something was up with him.

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