is there something like a couch going trhu USA?


I am about to go to USA for a few weeks. I am going to be staying in California, but I thought, since I am going to be already in America, it would be nice to see more than just one part. So I booked my flight back from NY, which means, i have to make it from California to NY. Is there something like a couch? I dont want to fly, i would like to see as much as i can. thank you.


haha, yes, i meant coach. sorry :)

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    i have seen couch races but it was downhill and a short race

    other than that you would hvave to take Greyhoound slow and many stops

    or Amtrak sit back and relax one your way across the US

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    As counter-intuitive as it might seem, you can see more by flying than any ground-based transportation. And flying is in many cases less expensive than bus or train, if somewhat planned, mostly due to how much the U.S. depends on flying.

    The statement of seeing more from the air is explained by a simple observation. Consider a journey which visits 9 regions of the U.S. For convenience I'll label each by a major city:


    San Francisco

    San Diego





    Washington, D.C.


    These can be visited and explored in depth at one day per city by flying. If you were to drive an auto to each most efficiently, just traveling through all nine would take five days, plus nine days to explore. And you'd see that most of California looks much the same as all the rest of the state.

    As a non-U.S. resident, check out airline passes. There are some great deals to be had, even better than a Eurail pass.

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    If you mean "coach," there's Greyhound Bus Lines (; or Amtrak ( if you want to take a train. How much time have you planned for this trip? If you can work it into your schedule, Chicago would be worth a visit.

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    Like a sort of bed with wheels? It's possible, but unlikely.

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