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    You can not lend your friend in US for 台幣. You only can wire US dollar (you need his bank account in US to wire money to him at a bank in Taiwan ) or mail travel check in US dollar to him/her (you need to buy the travel check from a bank in Taiwan ). You have to pay additional transaction fee for either way.You could loss the value for the currency exchange and the exchange fee. Use 100 NT for the fee as an example. You exchange $100 US at the rate of 31.3 NT/ 1.0 US (total 3130 +100 NT) and the rate may be 31.0 NT/1.0 US when he pay you back $100 US (total 3100 –100 NT).You give 3230 NT, but only get back 3000 NT.You should tell your friend that he should pay the fee for both money transactions and pay back the same money in NT value.This mean he owns you 3230 NT for the example of borrowing $100 US dollar and he has to pay the same value of 3130 NT plus the fee with the current rate when he pay back. That is (3230+100)/31.0 =107.4 US .

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    例如:美金:台幣是1:32 ==>你借朋友台幣10萬元,就匯兌成了3,125元美金;此時你匯給朋友3,125美金,就約定到期還你水單上的10萬元台幣(餘此類推)


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