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Anyone interested in or own a car with an electric motor?

My husband is converting a Mazda B2000 pkup into an electric motor vehicle. It would only be good for in town use, but at over $3 a gallon for gas, it should come in real handy ... if he ever finishes it! ;-]

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    I love our Toyota Prius . . . it is a hybrid with an electric motor. We get excellent gas milage (45 miles to the gallon). In fact, we drove from Pennsylvania to South Carolina for vacation this year and only had to stop for gas once, with plenty to spare upon our arrival. I highly recommend electric motor cars - and you will be suprised by the "power" that they have. Good luck on your project!

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    Suggest he go for a hybrid, with a small diesel to power a generator, to help and charge the batteries. If the diesel can run on bio-diesel, then you will have a vehicle that gets great fuel economy, is environmentally good, and doesn't have the range limit a straight electric vehicle has. The diesel can even run overnight to recharge the batteries, if you don't have anywhere to plug in, or if your electric bill gets too high.

    Since this is a pickup, you can make a deal to get used oil from restaurants and make you own bio-diesel. Restaurant have to pay to get rid of waste oil (in most places) so, If you give then a 55 gal. drum where they can dump the oil, it can be picked up and filtered and put right in your fuel tank.

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    With the continuing rise of oil prices, and just the efficiency of these cars, I'm planning on considering one (at least a hybrid) for my next vehicle. I'd love to have the one from Tesla Motors, but its a tad pricey (they've got a really cool electric sports car). Supposed to be coming out with a more mainstream vehicle at some point.

    0-60 in under 4 seconds. Cool!

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    I get 35 to 40 miles per "gallon," I can get a pump to hook into my gas main at home and fill at home. Costs are about $1.50 per gallon if I do that. Current pump price at a station near me is $2.05 a gallon. My car holds about 6 gallons (about 200 to 220 miles per tank if I get a good fill). The technology is current, it uses a resource we have in the US, and it is 98% cleaner than a Hybrid. Because the fuel is so clean, it the engine does not get gunked up by carbon deposits. In taxi's and Police cars, with regular maintenance, you will get 400,000 miles to 600,000 miles.

    You can buy one used for under $10,000, you can convert a vehicle for about $10,000, or you can buy a new Civic for less than $30,000. I wouldn't go back if I had to.

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