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How many native americans were killed by the Europeans when they arrived?

In total how many native americans were killed and how long did the killing last?

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    White people say there were around 30 million top to bottom on this side of the world. By the 19th century they were at the lowest, maybe a few million. Even they say within 60 years the Caribbean Islands were free of Natives, they killed them all.

    But that's what white people say, you gotta add 5-10 million at the start and subtract a few hundred thousand at the lowest. They make up stuff like that worldwide to try to lessen their various genocides against the worlds First Peoples. Things like Manifest Destiny, then when Predetermined Destiny comes along and blows up their towers only then they see such ideas are wrong.

    The killing started fairly soon after Columbus landed it's in their history books. How long did it last? In many ways it's still going, it's in their history books and on our tongues and in our ears. Though by 1880's pretty much everyone was living on a reserve in North America although my grandparents were born in the bush and know the old ways. Things were sort of different in Canada, it's not all plains, a lot of it is forest.

    You see, a guy with the mindset like Joe is the guy who made up our laws for us back in the day. Now you can see Joe isn't a very good person and you could see the laws we live under aren't very good laws. Guys like Joe are how you get things such as "Indian Removal Act," "Indian Act." apartheid etc. Hitler got his genocide ideas from Americans and guys like Joe for God sake, that's nothing to be proud of.

    Sadly though, guys like Joe are still the ones who make our laws for us. But we're coming back though, we were never really gone. Even in South America there are still millions of Natives left, the Maya alone are 5 million strong and that's just one culture. There are probably 4-6 million of us here in North America.

    The worlds First Peoples know the truth, there's the "white truth," and then there's the real truth. Our stories are the same, it's almost like a class action lawsuit.

    Even the earth, look at the last 200 years, look how much they've killed it worldwide and how fast they've outdone billions of years.

    In conclusion, worldwide whites have systematically committed genocide in many ways against entire continents and an entire side of the world full of people and replaced those people with themselves and they believed (in various forms) it's because God wanted them to, but most of them don't realize they're the worlds worst terrorists.

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    Well, since there was no such thing as a census in the New World, we have no way of knowing how many indigenous people were spread through North and South America. We also know that the epidemic diseases carried by the Europeans traveled much faster than the colonists themselves, effectively wiping out populations long before they came into contact with Europeans. It's also important to remember that in many areas the poor and indentured servants were encouraged to intermarry with natives to create a large mestizo underclass. The conflict between native peoples and the US government has extended into the modern age. In total, some say that between 90 - 95% of the original native population was killed through warfare or disease after the arrival of Europeans.

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    There can never be a real answer as to the number of Native Americans killed.The Native Americans did not keep a census and the Europeans in many cases did not count the number of dead or embellished the numbers of dead. But the warfare lasted from about the beginning of the 16th century until about the end of the 19th century. So the warfare lasted approximately 300 years.

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    It is really impossible to say and is hotly debated. No one knows for sure how many American Indians occupied North, Central, and South America at the time of the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

    The Spanish introduced European diseases into the Mexican population. It wasn't intentional, but it happened. These diseases spread like wildfire far outside the contact between Spain and the Native Americans in Mexico. Indians tens of thousands of miles away who had never heard of Europe and had no idea they had been "discovered" by the Europeans were dropping dead for reasons they could not understand. This disaster was worse then the Black Death in Europe in the 14th century, one of the largest die-off of human beings in history. Estimates range upward to 98% of the Native American population died within a few years of the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

    Of course the conflict between Native Americans and Europeans (or at least their decedents) is still going on in places like the Amazon Rain Forest as we speak (or write...or whatever).

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    Disease. It wasn't actually intentional, for the most part. It's just that Europeans (having lived in a place that was a crossroads for thousand of years from travelers from Asia and Africa as well as local Europeans) brought with them highly communicable diseases for which Native American populations had no immunity.

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    There were millions of us in the Americas, by 1900; there were 250,000.

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