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where can i get a wire hair fox terrier puppy?

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  • Best Answer can refer you to breeders.

  • Always check the local humane societies first. You can usually view their dogs online. Just google your local humane society for the website address. Also, look in the news paper. It's not the best way to go, but it might help. Just make sure that the breeder you get your dog from, is reputable and not breeding dogs just for the money. Try and stay away from pet stores unless you know where they get their dogs from. Many get their dogs from puppy mills.

    A great website to go to is

    They show hundreds of available dogs in your area and you can narrow down the search to the specific breed you want.

    good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    go check out your local dog pound first help a good dog get a good home im sure you will fall in love with a dog there, hey who knows chances are that you might find the dog breed you are looking for. adopting a dog is your best bet, oh and its much cheaper than buying a dog ,besides most sellers akc rig. etc etc are puppy mills anyway dont support puppy mills please . its realy sad i saw a puppy mill ones i reported them it was by far the most cruel thing i have ever seen

  • 9 years ago

    look in the news paper or go to a vet office and look on their board, they usually know who has what and can connect you to the right person. ask friends, ask your church family, ask your neighbors

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