Ruger Mini-30 Question?

Any one care to lay some knowledge of the mini-30 on me? How does it compare to other 7.62soviet rifles like the SKS and semi-auto AK clones?

I know a lot of people think poorly of the mini-14 but I've heard almost nothing about the mini-30.

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  • 9 years ago
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    No secret that im not a big fan of ruger mini's, but i do have to say i would much rather have a mini-30 then an SKS, or any AK clone. The garand style action is complicated but nice quality. I am not, never have been and never will be a fan of any AK clone. Its just not a precision firearm, and thats a big thing to me. Same reason why i have zero interest in Hi-point. (not a fair comparison). The mini issue is the short barrel, and in the past ruger hasnt had the best quality barrels either. Its a carbine, meant for close range work (within 300 yards max). Of course the round can do much more, but is limited by the accuracy of the firearm.

    the nice thing about the mini-30 is its overall size and the .308 cartridge. it wouldnt be my first choice, but its not a bad option.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    I know this post is over 4 years old, but wanted to add a couple considerations for anyone who happens to come across this post. The new Mini 14 has an upgraded larger barrel which has mainly eliminated accuracy problems with the gun. Also there is a barrel stabilizer available which can stiffen the barrel from whipping during firing and helps the barrel dissipate heat faster. They are available from several sources. Just Google or do a Yahoo search for Ruger Mini 14 barrel stabilizer. Also, most of the upgradeable items, such as replacement stocks, scopes and any part not dedicated to the caliber of the rife are interchangeable between the Mini 14 and the Mini 30. If anyone wants more info on these great guns, YouTube has oodles of videos on them. Nutnfancy, one of my favorite YouTube broadcasters has a few really informative videos on the Mini 14. Hope this helps people consider these great guns. Hope this helps people decide to choose this great rifle.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ruger has made some decent improvements to the Mini rifles in terms of accuracy. The only real issue I have with the Mini rifles I guess outside of them being made by Ruger is the over priced magazines. The only magazines worth using are factory magazines which runs 40.00 each. You could buy 3-4 AK47 magazines for the cost of one Ruger magazines. But if all you're looking to do is some misc plinking and hunting, then it would probably make for a nice rifle.

  • 9 years ago

    Two of my friends have mini-30's and they are quite happy with them. I have a SKS and the accuracy between the mini-30's and my SKS is roughly comparable. All of them have been equably reliable so far.

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