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What should I do?!?!?!? My vocabulary is really low.!?

In the beginning of grade 7, what my teacher said was already really complicated. Now I'm in highschool, I don't get a thing the English, Science, Socials and Math teacher says. For Socials, they say things like civilizations, we're learning about Greece and the teacher talks about Europe and I don't know anything about it. That's my second problem. Like I don't even know the cities and provinces in there. I don't know where Italy is, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Paris. Is Spain capital or Paris? Or is Paris capital of Spain? Or are they not even related? See that? I don't get a thing. For vocabulary, I could pick out at least 10 vocabs by looking at this story we have to read: avenging, approved, marred, deluded, addressing, nymph, sequence, deprived, vainly, haggard. I might know some vocabulary only by the games I play. Is it because of me not reading books? I use to read a few, but I haven't recently. But what do books do? I read books and there are like tons of vocabularies that I even search up and don't get. Maybe a dictionary might help a little bit, google definition and don't help. When I ask the teacher what a word means, sometimes I get it. Its really embarrassing asking these easy words, like everyone in my class knows it except for me. I've been reading books these days but not much because of all the homework I have. Any way that I can improve my vocabulary and like how can I learn all these geography. I know Canada because we do provinces, territories label map of Canada each year. Will I get bad marks because of this?

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    1 decade ago
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    You must talk privately with the teacher in each of the classes in which you are struggling. Do not interrupt the whole class with your questions. Befoe class begins, ask the teacher if he or she can talk with you briefly after class. When speaking with the teachers, explain yourself thoroughly and honestly. Do not feel embarrassed. It is the job of the teacher to educate his or her students. That is why tests are given. They help teachers (and you) determine what information was learned and retained. Your teachers may refer you to your school's Guidance office, where remedial studies or tutoring services may be recommended, or perhaps even some out-of-school testing may be instituted.

    Again, do not be embarrassed. The purpose of schooling is to prepare you for life. Get all that you can from it. Your future depends on it! The more you learn, the more you retain, and most importantly, the more you learn HOW TO LEARN, the better your life can be after high school.

    Source(s): "Military brat" and mother of a SPED child, who is now a Junior in college; life experience.
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Words have general meanings but they also have flavours. Connotations that slant the meaning a little bit. So although a thesaurus will tell you that the words sleepy, exhausted, fatigued, and wearied are all synonyms, they each mean very slightly different things, and a person with a large and comfortable grasp of vocabulary is aware of all these meanings and uses the best one for any particular purpose. He speaks more precisely and says more with less. A good thing. Having said all that, I am of the opinion that sometimes a curse word IS the best word for some purposes. In my mind, when I make love or have sex, I am doing rather different things then when I'm *******. But sometimes I like to do that too. Sometimes the connotation of vulgarity says exactly what it's supposed to. So go ahead and curse from time to time. Just as long as you are doing it exactly when you want to and it says exactly what you want it to say. Some people who curse are just using it as filler and they do lack a good vocabulary... but there's really no one replacement, because again there are so many situations and so many words to use. My take, for what it's worth. Peace.

  • 1 decade ago

    You probably will (haha, I did)


    I used to be in the exact same position as you and what REALLY helped was seeing my teachers at lunch, during recess, after school, or whenever. I would even send emails with my questions. If you do this, they will know you are improving because they will be able to personally see you improve. if you single yourself out for them, they don't have to compare u with the rest of the kids. they will even have sympathy for you sometimes (by the way, sympathy is VERY GOOD THING to have from a teacher when they're grading your work!!!)

    SO go and see your teachers in all those subjects and show them that you want to learn.

    oh, and to better memorize things, I always write the word on one side of an index card then draw a picture of the meaning next to it. then on the back, I write the meaning, so I can flip over the card and check myself while studying. trust me, this works.


    Source(s): My own experience :)
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