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Is it wrong that I wish to disown my older brother?

He's 38, and he's a poor excuse for a man, a son, a brother, a father... all of those things. He refuses to get a job, regularly uses people, has no regard for whom he steals things from, and tries to hustle everyone he can... I could go on and on, really. At 24, I'm just tired of putting up with his childish ways... The only thing he can get from me is food that I have already cooked. It would be a shame if he really needed money for an emergency, because I would automatically say no.

I'm ashamed to tell people he's my big brother. He's the true definition of "scum" or "gutter" and I absolutely hate his ways. He has NO decent clothes, and poor hygiene because of his "thug life" (yeah right). I love him, but I don't have room for him in my life anymore. It seems that if you can't do something for him, he doesn't have time for you. He has 5 children. 3 boys, 2 girls. Their ages are 21yrs , 8yrs, 6yrs (the first 3 all boys), and 21 months, and 6 months (the last 2 both girls). He does nothing for any of them. I am very attached to his children, and fortunately I'm able to help their mothers with them financially so they don't have total burden.

We come from a good, stable family... well off, very loving and supportive.. Very well educated parents, and they gave us both the same opportunities to educate ourselves.. and made it so that we'd never want for anything in life. We have parents that are some of the most upstanding of citizens you'll find. I don't get it. Rotten apple?

Anyway, I could ramble on and on about the subject, but I just wonder if people out there would think I'm wrong for wanting to disown him? I would never wish death on anyone, but sometimes I do wish he would just disappear. At least until he got his life straight. And most of all, I wish that his children had model fathers.

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    When it comes to parents we have a moral obligation(in my opinion) to see to their well being,

    as for siblings, I feel as though we owe nothing to them, it's great to have a family, however if it's

    only due to having the same parents and is a drain on our lives, I think we are free to walk.

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    he's 38 you won't be in a position to anticipate something from him if he hasn't shown you already. Lead your guy or woman existence and help the place achievable yet do not permit it burden you. You spend thank you to a lot capability into him and it quite is not working. people like that could desire to fall quite confusing to work out what they are doing is incorrect. nevertheless your hearts interior the final suited place i provide you that, sturdy luck!

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    no i dont think its bad to disown him that man if he can be called that needs to get a life threaton to kick him out of the house and not help him anymore if he doesnt get a job no ur not wrong ur right that guy needs help

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    my fiance and his whole family dis owns his sister. i dont say much but she is just a horrible person. left her kids with a guy who just got out of jail for murder ya smart huh. ya so we all dis own her and no one says anything bad about it. ur brother doesnt seem great so if u disown him then go for it. its all up to u. no one needs to knwo ur private life.. =) good luck

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    -I think it's "Wrong" that You're Wasting THIS Much Time- even considering it !! Since You're Always going to be Related, DEAL with Him as You have too- & then just don't give Him Your time of day !! I'm sure You have BETTER Concerns... -than Him... :)

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    Take care of his kids cuse i think he not gono do it (no offence) and call the authorities on him or somthin

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