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Project on Sweden!!!!!!?

ok ya'll i'm doing a culture project on Sweden and my presentation is due friday one of the parts of the project is to do an interactive part with the class....can you help me with ideas please???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A quiz? Questions about Sweden and the winner gets a prize?

    What is Sweden's capital? Answer: Stockholm

    What international prize is Sweden famous for, that gives prizes for amongst others literature and physica? Answer: Nobel prize

    What is Sweden's famous furniture brand, known for its flat-packed furniture? Answer: IKEA

    What is the name of the Swedish pop group whose songs were used for the movie Mamma Mia? Answer: ABBA

    etc etc

    The questions easyness or difficulty should of course depend on how much your class knows about Sweden. You need to make them difficult enough that not everyone would know the answers and easy enough that someone is able to win.

    You can always have a quiz about your presentation too, to reward those who were actually listening. ;)

    Alternatively you can have a sing-a-long of a famous Swedish song. Perhaps the Swedish anthem or maybe for fun an ABBA song in Swedish.

    Here's the lyrics in Swedish for Waterloo:

    Of course, it's very difficult to sing a long in a language where you can't pronounce the words, but it's also simply interesting to see how the words look like and how they're pronounced.

    If you're really daring you can get your class to attempt to dance Bugg (otherwise known as "Swedish swing").

    Here's an instruction video (although it's in Swedish - I could translate it for you though if you want and you could do a voice over xD):

    If you're even more daring you can do a quick lesson on Swedish massage. A really good massage known for its medical importance. There are lots of videos on this on youtube which you can show to the class and get them to pair up and try (keeping their clothes on of course - this is only practice). There are also different areas of the body to do this on. Alternatively you could watch the videos and learn one part of the massage and then do it on a friend (practice person).

    Hope this helps! The quiz is the safest option but personally I think the massage is the most unique option (and also easier and potentially less awkward than the song or dance). I would personally choose to do a demonstration rather than a pairing off due to potential awkwardness but it depends on the class.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I am Swedish
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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