Macbeth examples please help?

May someone please give me some examples of when Macbeth lets fear, ambition, ignorance/anger control his examples?

I just need examples so I can describe them ina paper

Thank you

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    1 decade ago
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    1. Fear overcomes MacBeth. Out of fear he murders several people, adding to the list crimes he commited. He always terrified that someone is onto his plot, so fear controls him in that, it causes him to behave illogically.

    2. Ambition: he takes everything the witches say to heart. He murders a kind king in cold blood out of ambition to become king himself. and this action opens up the doors to the fears i mentioned above

    3. idk about anger. he kinda seems to always in a rage, and again makes him act irrational.

    i hated that book :/

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