what is used to test blood types?

like the chemicals and would i be able to get them not those lil kits (if so how much would it cost... Reason it's for my science fair. thxx


i saw that but thoes are for more of personal people i wanna do it for the judges and maybe even a few people who wanted to be tested (and I now about heath hazards and clean so dont worry bout that stuff

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    Instant Blood Type Test Kit - EldonCard by EldonCard

    1 Blood Typing Test Kit & This fast, easy to use blood typing kit contains everything required to determine blood group and RH factor using a whole blood sample obtained from a finger prick without the need for separate reagents or laboratory training. The EldonCard is a patented test card device that comes specially treated and impregnated with dried antibody sera Anti-A, Anti-B and Anti-RH used universally for determining Blood type by the forward typing method. Creates a Permanent Blood Type Record Card for medical histories and emergencies. The EldonCard blood typing kit is also excellent for classroom instruction and other educational applications. Each kit performs only 1 test. There have been no recalls or quality failures logged for this product by the FDA or any other regulating authority since the inception of the product some 15 years ago. We are not responsible for procedure errors or failure to follow instructions etc. The instructions are very clear but a new consumer may fail to follow instructions exactly, be unfamiliar with routine testing procedures or be unfamiliar with reading test results. If an error is made in doing a test like pre-triggering an automatic lancet rendering it unusable, adding too much water to the reagents etc by not following instructions, we are not responsible.

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    Antibodies and antibody like substance;

    You would need anti-A (found in the serum of group B people) and anti-B found in the serum of group A people.

    These are naturally occurring antibodies.

    Some anti-A and anti-B are raised in animals but the human source is generally preferred.

    An antibody like substance behaves like an antibody but does not have the same structure. They are isolated from a range of materials such as gorse seeds and snails!

    The one from gorse seeds is an example of a lectin. It is often called anti-H. It is used to determine the ABO type of bloodstains in forensic science.

    You could get the anti-A and anti-B from people's blood if you have a qualified person to take the blood and you have the laboratory equipment to isolate the serum. As it is for a science fair write a nice letter to your local blood transfusion service and they might let you have a tube or two or each anti-serum.

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