What causes tires to vibrate and be noisy? I just got a tire rotation done?

I can feel and hear the tires vibrating ever since i got a tire rotation last week. The tire rotation must be causing this! Maybe the wheels need to be balanced?

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    lack of rotation will cause the rear tires on a front wheel drive to develop "heel&toe" wear. when you rotate them to the front you can hear it because now the tires are in front of you. really no cure. balance will help some with the vibration. most tire manufactures now recomend that you cross the non drive tires and move the drive tires straight back on front wheel drive.

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    Anything from a wheel alignment to balancing. The tire can be out of round, worn in certain spots. or flat spotted. You could have a bent wheel. It could also be mechaincal like a bent tie rod. It is hard to narrow it down her online. So it can cost you a little or a lot. Just beacuse you or you had someone rotate doesn't mean they noticed anything. But I will tell you if your tires need to be balanced they would shake usually at speed over 30 mph.

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    You may have a knot on one of your tires or you may need a wheel alignment, not the same as having your tires balanced.

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    get the tires balanced first. if that doesn't help get an alignment

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