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Aquarium without gravel?

is it ok for a aquarium to have no gravel in it?? cause its troublesome .

Will it affect anything?

Does Plant on a wood need gravel ? no i suppose??

Why is my Female young swordtail chasing every1??

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    Plants need gravel. 2"-4" thick depending which kind.

    However, there are plants like the Hornwort that can be floating.

    Aside from plants, it also depends the type of fish.

    For example, if you have Kuhli Loaches, they'd prefer a sandy bottom, although not mandatory if you have lots of hiding areas to compensate.

    Finally, if none of these apply to you, then you really don't need gravel.

    The last thing I can think of would be that your bare bottom could stress out your fish do to strong reflection. Having lots of objects in there could help.

    Your fish don't really need the gravel after all.

    But personally, I prefer having substrate because of the look and the fact that it helps trapping the dirt at the bottom. Then my weekly siphoning becomes more efficient. But that's just me.

    As to why your swordtail is chasing everyone, it's normal for female swordtail.

    To calm your fish down, slightly lowering your temperature might help this problem slightly. Lowering from 28C to 24C, my male guppies did calm down a lot.

    Oh and also, gravels could help for biological filtration due to the fact that bacteria can live there. But it's definitely not needed, since most if not all your beneficial bacteria should reside in your filter. Anywhere else, is just bonus.

    Anyway, good luck! :)

    Source(s): I own lots of fresh/saltwater tanks, some of them are heavily planted.
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    relies upon very much on what variety of fish/animal you have in it, what proportion, how large the tank is, what variety of filter out, and greater. maximum individuals advise gravel because's yet another place for sturdy micro organism to strengthen. some fish want sand to dig in, so substrate is a might desire to. on the different hand, in case you have something quite messy, inclusive of a turtle, or certainly one of those fish widespread for ingesting gravel, then gravel is a no-no. no remember what you nevertheless might desire to vacuum the backside of the tank, whether there is not any gravel gunk will pass to the backside. I want gravel in fish tanks because of the fact in my view i think of curiously greater suitable.

  • 9 years ago gravel is needed, in fact it will keep your tank cleaner. if the plant is a java fern or a crypt then your good to go. Only about 10% of aquatic plants you can buy are root feeders.

    ex. amazon swords. the rest need there roots exposed to water.

    the bacteria is in your filter..very little is in the gravel..

    don;t sweat it.

    good luck

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    established tanks need gravel, it provides bacterial filtration to the tank. only in some specific instances is it ok, like for raising fry and breeeding discus fish

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