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Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 76 (Rate and Review) + Who are the captains for Bragging Rights?

* A Video opens of the highlights from WrestleMania, and also the big one where Rey Mysterio became the new World Heavyweight Champion.

* SmackDown! opens with the World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio coming out and cutting a promo, Rey says 'Eddie would be so pround of me till this day, I did this for Eddie and it is about time that Eddie got what he deserved and this World Heavyweight Championship everytime I defend it will be Eddie Guerrero's World Heavyweight Championship' Theodore Long the General Manager of SmackDown! says "There will be a Championship Contender's 6 Man challenger match next week which will determine your next contender at Judgement Day, and also tonight Rey takes on Kurt Angle.

~ Commercial Break ~

* The new United States Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield comes out and then his associsate Jillian Hall throws a celebration for him, the only fact is that Bradshaw says that Jillian is cheap and couldn't afford a great celebration for the Greatest United States Champion in the WWE. JBL then fires Jillian Hall and declares himself on his own now. Jillian runs off crying. Then JBL says "Next week I will beat other 5 men and become the new contender and then go on to be World champion and rule over SmackDown! when I have 2 of it's major championships on my shoulders."

~ Commercial Break ~

* Judgement Day Promo: Featuring a dessert, a cloked man, and the man slicing off a man's head off with a Gallow.

* Paul London and Brian Kendrick defeated. The Pitbulls (Jamie Noble and Kid Kash): 8:33

With Tag Team Champions MNM at ringside, Kendrick and London went passed Noble and Kash and now have their eyes set on tag team gold.

* We see Booker T and his wife Sharmell who confront Teddy Long with a lawsuite and say "if the Boogeyman comes in one centermetere of Booker or Sharmel then Teddy Long will get his *** sued"

* Bobby Lashley and Paul Burchill defeated. Willian Regal and Orlando Jordan: 6:43

Lashley won it after a dominator to Orlando Jordan for the win.

* UPN Network executive Palmer Cannon announced the Return of the King of the Ring Tournament next week on SmackDown!, It all starts next week, and will contunue to the finals at Judgement Day.

~ Commercial Break ~

* We see a prematch promo of: Undertaker vs. Mark Henry

* The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry: No Contest

After Daivari reuturned with a seven foot, 400+ pound Monster from India in the Great Khali, Khali and Taker would stare until Khali striked with a chop knocking out the deadman.

* We see Chris Benoit making his way to the ring next.

* Chris Benoit defeated. Finlay: 14:56

After Benoit won, he turned face after throwing away Finlay's sheleahleagh.

~ Commercial Break ~

* Kristal interviews Teddy Long about next week's huge lineup of SmackDown!

* Gunner Scott defeated. Booker T w/Sharmell: 7:33

After music of Boogeyman had Booker spooked, Scott won with a roll up of the Book man.

After Booker blamed Teddy but Teddy raised the hands of the yougn star from the Indepednatn circuits. Booker loses to a rookie.

~ Commercial Break ~

* Cole and Tazz preview King of the Ring brackets and also the Six Man challenge Match, which will be drawn randomly.

* World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio defeated. Kurt Angle via Disqualification: 10:44

After Randy Orton interfered and hit Angle with a steel Chair, after Orton would try a RKO on Angle but then Angle reverses into a angle slam and then Mysterio finished Orton off with the 619.


Best/Worst Match:

Best/Worst Night:

TV Rating: (decimal numbers)

Year Base: Ealry 2006



* Cruiserweight Chamion Gregory Helms defeated. Matt Hardy

* The Gymini defeated. CM Punk and Local Wrestler

* Scotty 2 Hotty and Tatanka defeated. Local wrestlers.

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    Rating: 8 / 10

    Best/Worst Match: Rey Mysterio v Kurt Angle / Bobby Lashley & Paul Burchill v William Regal & Orlando Jordan

    Best/Worst Night: Great Khali / Randy Orton

    TV Rating: (decimal numbers) 3.6

    Year Base: Ealry 2006

    I think it's a good card and everything, if WWE actually did your card back then it would be really good. Great card.

    Bragging Rights Leaders:

    SmackDown!: Edge

    RAW: Miz

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    Best Matches:

    1) Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle

    2) Chris Benoit vs. Booker T w/Sharmell

    3) Undertaker vs. Mark Henry

    Best Promo: JBL Promo

    Worst Match: Gunner Scott vs. Booker T

    Best Night: Rey Mysterio

    Worst Night: Booker T & Jillian Hall

    TV Rating: 3.044

    Rating: 8.6/10

    Its good that your doing your shows again because I started to miss them in a way.

    BQ- For SmackDown the Captain will most likely be Big Show or Edge. For Raw the Captain will most likely be CM Punk or The Miz.

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    I'm not gonna worry about that card. As for the Bragging Rights Team Captains, It'll be RAW (Team Captain Randy Orton) vs. Smackdown (Team Captain Big Show) vs. the Nexus (Team Captain John Cena?!)

    Source(s): sounds good, right?...
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    relatively,i don't locate this stunning. I had a feeling that Smackdown's rankings will drop as quickly as Randy Orton replaced into on the instruct. BQ1- confident,that has to do with it. some many followers have been mad that Orton gained the identify and in all probability did not difficulty to computer screen Smackdown. They have been mad that Christian lost the identify. on account that human beings found out that Christian lost,they did not watch it. BQ2- i don't watch those activities. BQ3- i think of they'll;just to work out what might ensue with Christian. Or,they are in a position to easily study the spoilers. BQ4- positioned the identify on Christian and positioned Randy Orton back on uncooked.

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    thats pretty decent. brings back some nostalgia.

    Big Show is SD captain. Hornswoggle is the mascot

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