Is it worth having Muslims hate America for the sake of israel?

Osama bin laden said he doesnt like the US because they support Israel against the Palestinians so that is why he committed 9/11. Shouldn't the US butt out from a long time feud instead of getting sucked into it? Is it fair 3,000 Americans died because Israel isn't on good terms with Palestinians?


Jen I respect your point of view but frankly they don't give a sht if we trade w Europe or what not, what movies we watch or how our gov runs. They just don't like that Israel took labs from Palestinians and like europe Asia and the rest of the smart world we should butt out or else suffer more 911s

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Stedway you say Muslims are violent but excuse me who's the one bombing the he'll out of Iraq killing 1.2 million Iraqis and now spreading the bomb campaign to Afganistan?? Nuclear warheads and missiles used on unarmed dudes who train on monkey bars. I think muslims if let alone mind their own business.

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Iran minds their own business for thousands of years but now that Israel set up camp there in the last few de axes they're poking and prodding and provoking them looking for an excuse to get uncle Sam fight them like they got him to do with Iraq for them.

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Sheila you're just repeating propaganda. Egypt, Iran, Syria Kuwait and the rest will mind their own business they're not out to get the US

Update 5:

Excuse me but we don't "take" their oil we pay for it which is why they're filthy rich and hd hands with bush and kiss each other when visiting. We will buy oil from the new Iraq gov too.

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    American wars for Israel and support for Israel is bringing America down, The Iraq war is a fine example, if you are interested in facing the problem and taking this question seriously------read the link below-----------and make sure to check the references

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    First of all, so much Muslims don't hate America! There are many, many American residents who preserve the the Muslim faith. It is the extremists who hate America; precisely just like the extremists our nation who hate any nation who is populace is by and large Muslim. Israel has little to do with it--besides for the extremists.

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    They don't.

    They hated us for other reasons. And they hate us for what we/bush jr did in response to 911.

    They hated us because we took their oil at a pittance when they didn't have the technology/know how to do it themselves.

    And when they complained about it, we toppled their governments to replace them with more pro-western ones.

    bin ladin did say some palestine mumbo jumbo after the fact. But, if you read the news of the day and from the beginning of his war with us, it had nothing to do with Israel.

    Heck, bin ladin was our ALLY for over a decade while we supported Israel.

    What changed was:

    Iraq invaded Kuwait.

    Saudi Arabia got scared and asked us to station troops there.

    We did.

    Bin ladin told us that having "infidel troops" in the same country as the "holy cities" of Mecca and Medina was an insult and we either leave SA or face war with him. (Also, he wanted to overthrow the govt of SA and could not do that with us there protecting them).

    We did not leave.

    And we have been fighting an ever escalating war ever since.

    bush jr's response to 911 is what led to most of the hate.

    and toppling iraq was a gross error, something Israel warned us about and urged us NOT to do for fear it would destabilize the entire region. And it did.

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    US should be for what is good for the US. If the US wants to have Arab/Muslim oil for its economy needs then US ought to dump Israel and let Israel fend off for herself. If US does this it would loose face as a nation & what it stands for. It becomes the Ugly American out for greed, power & world domination. All the democracy overtures of what is "right & just; freedom & fair play" that US plays are then for profit and all the goodwill & righteous image that the US has is also flushed down the drain. US would seen as weak that it is scared of Osama Bin Laden &his ilk. George Patton, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln & so many US founding fathers, statesmen & patriots would be furious in their graves by such an act of cowardice and betrayal of principles that the US stands for. US is then seen as a weak nation & its break-up or demise is just beyond the horizon. Why should US be afraid of Muslims/arabs whose values are as different from what US stands for. They cannot even give due respect to their women that gives birth to their population.

    Source(s): time, newsweek, internet news,cnetc
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  • I am torn about how I feel about America's support of Israel. However, your argument isn't logical.

    You have to think long term. If you don't do something because someone will be mad at you for it, you will be giving them permission to threaten you every time you do something they disagree with, and they automatically are in charge of you. We have to stand up for what we believe in, regardless of whether or not someone "hates" us for it. Of course it's not fair that 3000 Americans died, but that's what terrorism does--terrorizes you into doing something so they won't "hate" you and kill you. So if, after 9/11, we said "Oh, we're scared of them now, let's not support Israel," suddenly another company is dictating our foreign policy. The next time we support something they don't like--say, trading with Europe--they'll say "we will hate you and bomb you again." Then we should probably not trade with Europe anymore. See where this is going?

    I'm not a warmonger or an Iraq War supporter--but for entirely different reasons than you present.

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    It is much more complicated than simply people hating each other. The region has been very hard to control and over the years all the great empires have failed to do this. The USA is no different. Years ago attacks against the super powers used to be localized to that region with the introduction of widespread air travel and multiculturalism terrorism has become widespread.

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    The day that the United States becomes ANTISEMITIC is the day this country will go down! War is never fair but there will always be war and rumors of war and there is nothing man can do about it. Why is it always Israels fault? No one else is responsible for their actions..

    The Muslims won't stop hating us if we were to back out. Their goal in life is to wipe us out AT NO COST. Do you think we should lie down and wait for the knife in the back AGAIN?

    That's not the attitude that this country was built on.

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    Hatred of Israel wasn't the sole reason for 9/11. Perhaps we support them because they are a progressive and successful country. Besides oil, what do countries like Iran, Syria, and the non-existent Palestine contribute to the world except for terrorism?

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    You've bought the political lie that Muslims only hate America because of Israel.

    Bin laden also hates America because we support the Saudis.

    You need to understand, every rebel group will attack America for dealing with their governments. The mid east is filled with dictatorships,monarchies, and juntas.

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    You have one ally in a demograph wanting you dead

    count the for/against countries in the the region

    You'll find Israel tops the list..... sad thing is most of the gaza/pal


    list of backers have never built a kibbutz

    keep the kids safe first,...put them in the middle

    great thing is - they made something out of the UNWANTED UNHOSPITABLE land the UN gave them

    Like any prime real estate.... every transient wants a piece

    Source(s): palestians are not, and never have been landholders
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