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幫我翻譯成中文 謝謝 ~ 15點

William "Bill" Lowenberg was born in Ochtrup, Germany. He was the only survivor of his immediate family – his father, mother and sister all perished in Auschwitz. His family fled Germany to Holland in 1936 after experiencing an increasing amount of anti-Semitism. Bill's family was sent to the Westerbork concentration camp in Holland in 1942. He was then sent by himself to Auschwitz-Birkenau at the end of 1942 where he stayed until the spring of 1943. He was then sent to the Warsaw Ghetto after the uprising where he was forced to do slave labor destroying buildings, burning bodies and searching for valuables for the German army. From Warsaw Bill was then sent to Dachau and then to the Kauffering camp. He was liberated on April 30, 1945 by the American army. Feeling a great debt to the U.S. Army, Bill later went on to serve in the Army during the Korean War. After starting with only ten dollars in his pocket when arriving to the United States, Bill went on to create a successful real estate company in San Francisco. He now dedicates his life to Holocaust remembrance and education, and is a co-founder of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

Was your family very religious before the war?

We were not very religious but we didn't eat pork, we observed the Sabbath, we had the typical holidays. That's about, I would say a Conservative, not religious to the extent to some people you see who are very religious. But there was a deep respect for religion. We had to go to a school after hours in the late afternoon for an hour. I would say, like San Francisco, it was not called Reform but was Conservative.

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    威廉" Bill" Lowenberg出生在Ochtrup,德國。他是他的直系亲属的唯一的倖存者-在Auschwitz和姐妹所有消滅的他的父親、母親。在1936年他的家庭逃到德國荷蘭在经验漸增以後反猶太主義。 Bill' 在1942年s家庭寄发了到Westerbork集中营在荷蘭。他然後派遣了他自己到AuschwitzBirkenau在1942年年底他停留了直到春天的1943年的地方。他然後派遣了到華沙少數民族居住區在他被迫使做苦力劳动毀壞的大廈,灼燒的身體和搜尋德国军队的貴重物品的起義以後。從華沙比爾然後派遣了到Dachau然后到Kauffering陣營。 他在1945年4月30日被解放了由美國軍隊。在朝鲜战争期間,感覺巨大債務對美军,比爾在軍隊后担任。在開始以在他的口袋的僅十美元以后,當到達對美國,比爾在舊金山时创立一家成功的房地产公司。他現在致力他的生活浩劫記憶和教育,並且是美國浩劫紀念博物館的共同創立者在华盛顿特区,您的家庭是否是非常宗教战前?我們是沒有非常宗教,而是我們didn' t吃豬肉,我們觀察了安息日,我們有典型的假日。 That' s,我會說保守主義者,不宗教在程度上對某些人民您看見誰是非常宗教。 但是有對宗教的非常尊敬。 我們必須上学在几小时以后在下午末期1小時。我會說,像舊金山,它未叫改革,而是保守的。

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