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7.7 earthquake tomorrow in California?

Does anyone know whats up with the 7.7 earthquake California is supposed to have tomorrow? Will Las Vegas feel it too?If so how strong will Vegas feel it

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    When my good friend Cyswxman answers a question, I never add anything because his knowledge is beyond anything of my mine. But today, I would like to add in order to re-enforce what he already writes: Please, understand that some nasty people love to scare us. There is no way an earthquake can be predicted for the next 24 hours, and certainly not its magnitude! The Richter scale can only be read after an earthquake, it cannot be predicted.

    Please, enjoy your day and forget about it!

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    What you are likely hearing about are California's upcoming earthquake drills. The state wide one is on October 21st, and many municipalities, schools, etc will be holding their own drills through out October. Michele and Cyswxman covered the rest in an exemplary fashion.

    Here is the link for information on the drill:

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    I'm not aware of this. There is no way to predict the timing, strength or location of an earthquake in advance, thus this sounds like a hoax. While a strong earthquake is not impossible, there is no way to predict when it will occur beyond a resolution of decades, let alone a specific day.

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    it rather is next to impossible to predict the dazzling date of an earthquake, so this guy can no longer say with out a shadow of a doubt that there'll be an earthquake in California the following day.

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