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For a socials project, I have to explain what's going on in Canada about immigration and my project is about my political party, and we have to 'fix' what we want to fix about Canada. So if you could help, with idea's of how we should limit immigration numbers in Canada so it't not as.. over-populated it would help so much! And please write about why you chose! :P

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    Canada already has a pretty strict immigration policy. It's not that easy to become a Canadian citizen, esp with the new rules about needing to show a proficiency in one of our two national languages. What you could concentrate on is the issue that really pushes people's buttons - que jumping. How is the Canadian government going to stop bogus refugee claims or people coming in boat loads.

    This is an issue that crosses all ethnic/cultural groups. People that waited their turn to become citizens are just as annoyed with bogus claimers as are those born in Canada. We need to protect real refugees but how can we weed out the economic migrants or those that want to import their wars to Canada under the guise of being a refugee? The hard part is to do this properly and not sink into creating racist policies. There are legit refugees who should be given sanctuary, but how do we protect them and get rid of the frauds who bring the entire program into disrepute.

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    Well, what political party are you doing? Each one would go about it differently. The conservatives, for example, would probably just want to crack down, and increase the difficulty and the limitations. As it is, immigrating to Canada is incredibly difficult. I took the immigration test during a Law course and, despite being a Canadian citizen, I failed it. The liberals are just that, more liberal. While I don't think that they're left wing enough to fully condone an increase in immigration, they definitely would be less harsh on it.

    If you wanted to examine a specific case, and how it affects increased immigration, you could examine the Sri Lankan refugees. Recently, a ship full of refugees made its way to Canada, putting us in a spot of trouble, because they suspected that there were terrorists and other unsavory folk on board.

    Articles relating to it:

    Canada is accepting most of the refugees, because they're loathe to turn them away. They're basically stuck between a rock and a hard place, because they don't want to accept that this is an acceptable way of coming to Canada -- by boat -- but at the same time we have the country's morals and ethical standards to address, which would hardly allow us to turn away a group of people looking for help. (Which is actually something we did in World War II, we turned away boatfuls of Jews fleeing.) 88.5 percent of the Sri Lankan refugees were accepted into Canada. This not only sends the message that queue jumping is appropriate, but that it's an acceptable method of immigration.

    I suppose, basically, if you want to limit immigration, you could make the tests harder, only take a certain amount of people per country (and for this, instead of making a generalized number, like only 200 per country per year, base the number off of national population, ie. if a country has a population of 2,000,000, maybe let in 300 per year, but if a country has a population of 200,000, then only let in 50 per year.) But keep in mind those numbers are completely off the top of my head, and in no way reflect the immigration percentage for Canada.

    Additionally, if you really want to keep it down, insist that refugees are given only a semi-permanent status (they're allowed to remain in Canada until they either a) pass the test, same as everyone else. b) the situation in their own country diffuses, or c) a time limit is met, and they're sent away again.

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    Deport all of the undesirable immigrants from the past 4, 5, 10, years, and make laws allowing only few, if any, foreign people in Canada. Make laws to preserve Canada's culture and traditions, which would ultimately exclude foreign people because immigrants usually ruin them. They don't share the same history, culture, values, mentality, etc,

    All countries have the right to defend themselves from violence, disease, ethnic cleansing, and undesirable/illegal immigrants.

    Possibly set up work programs where immigrants can work in Canada, and then be sent back to their country when the work is finished. Canada has no foreigners, and the foreigners have their money that they want. All of the people win if they do that and make it the rules!

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    Canada is NOT getting overcrowded.

    There is tons of room up north - its just that immigrants are too lazy to move to where it is a bit colder and where there is more space.

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