Dual Citizenship????

My husband is a British citizen by birth, and I am a US citizen by birth. We have lived in Geneva for 4 years now, and I am three months pregnant. We are both naturalized citizens of Switzerland. What kind of citizenship will the baby have?


I lived in Switz since I was 22. Before that, I lived in America

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  • Phil
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    10 years ago
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    Your child should have all three citizenships.

    As long as you resided in the US at least 5 years and 2 of them after age 14 then he will qualify for US citizenship. And he will be a British citizen by descent. He cannot pass the British citizenship on, his children would have to be born in the UK to have it. The US citizenship, he would have to meet the same residence requirement as you did to pass that on. Neither of these countries prevents multiple citizenships. He must use a US passport for entry into the US if you travel to the US.

    And the response that says he can only have either British or Swiss citizenship is not correct.

    "According to the Federal Office for Migration, there is no restriction on multiple citizenship in Switzerland since 1 January 1992, meaning that foreigners who acquire Swiss citizenship, or Swiss citizens who voluntarily acquire another citizenship, do not automatically lose their previous citizenship, as was the case before this date. Of course, the non-Swiss citizenship can still be lost if the laws of the other country do not recognise multiple citizenship. An estimated sixty percent of Swiss nationals living abroad in 1998 were multiple citizens."

  • Rory M
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    10 years ago

    If one of the parents is a Swiss citizen, the child will be automatically a Swiss citizen, irrespective of the place of birth.

    Since Switzerland, US and Britain allow dual nationality, your child can have three citizenships.

    Although is not automatically at birth, your can will be a British citizen (by descent), you need to register your child's birth at the British embassy, so that he/she can get a Consular birth cerficate (British citizenship by descent) and apply for a British passport.

    Your child will be a US citizen by birth, according to the US constitution, any children born abroad to a US father or mother, is a US citizen by birth, you need to register him at the US embassy, in order to get his/her US citizenship: Consular report of birth abroad

  • 10 years ago

    If you lived in the US for at least five years before your baby was born and if at least two of the five years is before age 14 the baby will acquire US citizenship through descent. Then the baby will acquire multiple citizenships (i.e. British, American, and Swiss). Also all three countries recognize dual/multiple citizenships.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The child can have US and EITHER British or Swiss citizenship. Whilst Switzerland is not in the EU, it's still in the EEC, therefore no more than one of these can be acquired.

    Source(s): Former UKBA employee, Dual British/Georgian national
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