What is TBS for NROTC marine midshipmen?

I thought I researched the crap out of NROTC and the marine option but when I saw The Basic School (TBS) I had know idea what it was. WHat makes it different from OCS or is it another name for OCS?

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    TBS occurs after school. The summer between your junior and senior year you will go to OCS. Once you commission you will then report to TBS. OCS screens candidates for their ability to lead Marines and be a good officer. TBS teaches the young 2nd Lieutenants about the different jobs (MOS) in the Marine Corp. Based on your grade at the end of TBS you will be given an opportunity to select what job you will get.

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    a million. the biggest difference is the PT standards and the summer season courses. PT standards for the USMC are plenty bigger than any branch. for the period of your 1st and 2d summers of NROTC you will do each and every thing everyday NROTC cadets do. third summer season you flow to Mountain warfare education collectively as military applicants flow on a warship cruise for a month or so. 4th summer season you flow to "Bulldog" OCS and that i'm uncertain what anybody else does. 2. ALL NROTC applicants could choose from a itemizing of majors that the army demands. maximum of them are engineering majors, yet some are language majors. Your significant wont assist you get you asked MOS in any way except you're taking a language which will confirm a linguist MOS. MOS's are given in line with overall performance at OCS and TBS the two bodily and mentally. in case you have any questions digital mail me.

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