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Why do I suck at AP Calculus?

Its getting really annoying. I was a top math student in high school. I got high 90's in Honors Algebra2/Trig with ease. Now people who I could've sworn weren't smarter than me or better than me at math are scoring higher than me in AP Calculus. I'm getting 70's!!!!!!!! Its really annoying. I would often understand the topics being thought and get questions right in class but when it comes to tests I do horrible and its not because I was nervous. I wasn't at all.

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    AP Calculus, and Calculus in general is a very different math course than any course you probably have taken before. AP Calculus is a study of a relatively narrow, but expanded greatly upon, branch of mathematics, and it is probably the first time you integrate all that you know from previous years. To do well in Calculus, I suggest being able to put everything you learned before together, and understand it in Calculus terms. Much of Calculus is not memorizing, one must really have to take the time to understand Calculus and see it's intricacies.

    Calculus can also be very non-intuitive, so that may be what your not used to, because earlier math is very intuitive, and you can apply it to your every day life rather easily. So I guess just keep an open mind and try to picture and visualize some of the concepts for you can make it easier for yourself :D

    But don't worry if you don't get it at first. I knew a bunch of people who had the same situation as you. Some people just are better at some things, some better at others. But you can probably be able to get better and better as time progresses!

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    AP Calculus and Calculus AB was once relatively hassle-free for me. i've got by capability of no capability taken AP Stats, at the start on account that the I in my opinion evaluate information is boring and my friends additionally instructed me it wasn't nicely worth what you study. AP Calculus replaced into as quickly as extra relaxing, you acquire extra time to be experienced the textile, and AP instructions are additionally loose, so i might relatively for my area take AP Calculus purely by way of very incontrovertible fact that obtaining a three,4, or 5 on the purely precise examination facilitates you to exempt a classification in company, and it teaches you a lot sides of math.

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    some people have a knack for other subjects, and bomb other ones. if you think AP calculus is too hard, spend more time studying, dont think your the best, or step down a notch.

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    Calculus is hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just study and go with the flow! Get a tutor if for help! It's fun and you'll get help.

    Good luck! :D

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    You seem to be very self absorbed considering yourself the superior of others, you should be ashamed of yourself. Ap calculus is not your specific calling and your going to need to learn to live with yourself.

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    because you suck at life.

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