what is the best modification for my 98 gst eclipse?

I just bought the car 3500.00 a month ago. it came with apexi a-vcr boost controller and s-afc( something to do with the air and fuel ratio). boost guage and a air/fuel gauge. 18 rims ( three crown design don't know)turbo 20 g airresearch , intercooler 3 inch pipping . ijen air intake. front strut bar and rear strut bar. aem adjustable cam gears, apexi twin chamber bov, spoiler . .

the only thing is rear motor mount , throttle position sensor , and a new clutch becaus its slippin. neautral 10 psi second gear 15 psi third 20 somthing . found on ebay f1 racing three stage clutch for 128.00. im hurtting right now but the clutch handles 348 hp so i aggree. . but like to here suggestions. a-vcr didn't come with manual. seems set but who knows if correct. think i got a great deal??????? still need to know if know better modifications????


i don't even know havlf the stuff i got and ho its used. this is my first car.

Update 2:

well the upgrades cost mor then i can afford and 3500.00 ain't bad with 136 thousand miles on it. its about a thousand for the controllers and five for the bov the turbo is not stock and the inter cooler ain't either the rims is about six a peiace came with new tires wicth cost 200 a peice so i am satisfied for my first car. but what is a betterupgrade on your side of the picture. i want a goal. for better .

Update 3:

i am going to install a clutch do i need to buy a new flywheel. im hopping not cuz i only have three fifty and i can't afford anything right now really. but the car is great

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  • 10 years ago
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    dude, this car is over 10 years old. 3500 is way too much! if it was in REALLY good condition then 3500 would seem appropriate. 1000-2500 is the maximum offer IMO bcuz ppl beat and race the crap out of these cars which is y they have such a bad reputation with their engines.

    judgin from wat u wrote about ur car, it has sum pretty good starter upgrades but it can b better.

    4 now just leave it alone and drive normally. its an old car so it needs work! hope u got sum money set aside bcuz mitsubishi's aint cheap 2 fix! i own a RS myself.....different engine and transmission but same exact car (brakes, suspension, interior, exterior, spoiler, etc......)

    if u take care of it, it will NEVER break down. 131k on the odometer and still runs fine. just do regular tune ups. oh yea and the psi rating, according to mitsubishi, is exactly 14.7. 15 works too though.

    Source(s): 99 eclipse rs owner
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  • 10 years ago

    4000 is a reasonable price for a DSM with low mileage, cared for and is in good mechanical/physical condition. 3000 is a little bit higher mileage and beat up but generally over all good cond.

    Here's a couple pointers with your new car. Loose the A-VCR and SAFC. They're useless. You'll get a couple hundred for both on Craigslist. Buy yourself a Dejon Tools manual boost controller. It works perfectly and you'll never have a problem with it. AFCs are junk and people need to stop using this crap on DSMs.

    If you want your car to make decent power, buy yourself DSMLink. It's one of the cheapest and powerful engine management units you can run in your car. The only downside is you need a certain ECU to run it (early 95 turbo ECU with EPROM) Get rid of those adj. timing gears. You'll never use them. Trade someone for stock + cash. It'll work out because you're car is at the point for it's second timing belt change. DO IT! If you don't do it, you run the great risk of your belt snapping and ruining your valves and pistons. If you belt jumps or snaps, you are 99% chance screwed.

    Do all of the maintenance on your car. These cars those appreciate being neglected espcially when they're modified for more power. Stay up on maintenance or you'll be spending more money than you know on fixing catastrophic engine damage.

    Don't buy Ebay Racing clutches. Quality clutches don't measure things in "stages" This isn't biology, our cars don't have stages. Good clutch manufacturers tell you how much power they're good up in torque, not HP. ACT Clutches make awesome products and are super generous with their return policy on faulty products. The street disc is idea for you if you're not going to be launching the crap out of your car at a drag strip. It's a full face (meaning material on it all the way around, not like a 6 or 3 puck) so it's easier to slip in stop and go traffic. To go with the disc, the 2100 pressure plate is ideal for street cars or very light racing. 2600 is for the drag strip or high power cars.

    Stick with the stock flywheel if yours is worn out of spec. Light weight flywheels don't give you any real gains for their money and some of them (aluminum) are prone to fall apart or explode giving you a big headache.

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  • 10 years ago

    I've seen used N/A eclipses going used at dealerships for 4k, with over 200k miles, you got a great deal. I'd kill for a turbo eclipse. I'm stuck with a N/A but it makes me happy.

    About the clutch, i'm not sure about the turbo eclipses, but the non turbos have modular clutches that bolt straight to the flexplate.

    As for upgrades, I'd just start with getting a good clutch, and save the money for when something goes wrong with it. it sounds like you have a good ammount of aftermarket parts, It depends on what you like.

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