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In new york state what is the law for school?

Alright, my current school I do not feel safe at and i've spoken the the princble and several councilers.

about a week ago i was jumped coming home from school, and i've had many types of harrasment sense then. i live in a small town and only live in one school district. i've been written about in the bathrooms called a hoe, and my art work has been defamed many times.

the school did nothing about my being jumped, and has even given me detention.

I'm also being harrassed by teachers that wouldn't let me use the restroom when i had my period, and wouldn't let me see the nurse when I have tonsilitus and a doctors note.

I would like to get my school changed so i can be with my friends, and not people who harrass me and treat me with disrespect everyday.

my lowest grade last year at one point was a 91, and i'm supposed to be in honors, but the school screwed me on that..

If i can get a ride to the other school everyday, or to a location where i can get picked up everday, can i get it switched?

Is there something I can plea to get it changed without having to pay tuition?

i don't feel safe or accepted at my current school, and the other school has all my friends, and i have none in my current school.

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    Call The Police

    If there has been a physical assault of any type, it's important to call the police right away. The police can investigate and check the bully's juvenile records to see if there have been previous assaults. Even if there haven't been prior incidents, the bully will hopefully end up in juvenile court - and possibly detention - as a result of the incident.

    The police can help you get a restraining or anti-harassment order keeping the school bully a safe distance

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